fjo de ridder
fjo de ridder
Researcher at ThomasMore/ Kenniscentrum Energie
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A multiple regression approach to assess the spatial distribution of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) at the regional scale (Flanders, Belgium)
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Electricity storage for grid-connected household dwellings with PV panels
G Mulder, F De Ridder, D Six
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Assessing the reproducibility and reliability of estuarine bivalve shells (Saxidomus giganteus) for sea surface temperature reconstruction: implications for paleoclimate studies
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High‐resolution time series of vessel density in Kenyan mangrove trees reveal a link with climate
A Verheyden, F De Ridder, N Schmitz, H Beeckman, N Koedam
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J Meersmans, B van Wesemael, F De Ridder, M Van Molle
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Correlations, partitioning and bioaccumulation of heavy metals between different compartments of Lake Balaton
HL Nguyen, M Leermakers, M Elskens, F De Ridder, TH Doan, ...
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An optimal control algorithm for borehole thermal energy storage systems
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A novel soil organic C model using climate, soil type and management data at the national scale in France
J Meersmans, MP Martin, F De Ridder, E Lacarce, J Wetterlind, ...
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Model selection through a statistical analysis of the minimum of a weighted least squares cost function
A de Brauwere, F De Ridder, R Pintelon, M Elskens, J Schoukens, ...
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An improved multiple internal standard normalisation for drift in LA-ICP-MS measurements
F De Ridder, R Pintelon, J Schoukens, J Navez, L André, F Dehairs
Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry 17 (11), 1461-1470, 2002
Evaluation of an on-site cell voltage monitor for fuel cell systems
G Mulder, F De Ridder, P Coenen, D Weyen, A Martens
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Four potential business cases for demand side integration
F De Ridder, M Hommelberg, E Peeters
2009 6th International Conference on the European Energy Market, 1-6, 2009
Short-term forecasting of solar irradiance without local telemetry: A generalized model using satellite data
J Lago, K De Brabandere, F De Ridder, B De Schutter
Solar Energy 173, 566-577, 2018
Decentralized coordinated charging of electric vehicles considering locational and temporal flexibility
R D'hulst, F De Ridder, B Claessens, L Knapen, D Janssens
International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems 25 (10), 2562-2575, 2015
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