Seyed Morteza Hosseini
Seyed Morteza Hosseini
Assistant Professor, Aalborg University
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A morphological approach for kinetic façade design process to improve visual and thermal comfort: Review
SM Hosseini, M Mohammadi, A Rosemann, T Schröder, J Lichtenberg
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Bio-inspired interactive kinetic façade: Using dynamic transitory-sensitive area to improve multiple occupants’ visual comfort
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The Role of Orosi’s Islamic Geometric Patterns in the Building Façade Design for Improving Occupants’ Daylight Performance
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General morphological analysis of Orosi windows and morpho butterfly wing's principles for improving occupant's daylight performance through interactive kinetic façade
SM Hosseini, S Heidari
Journal of Building Engineering, 2022
Light-responsive kinetic façade system inspired by the Gazania flower: A biomimetic approach in parametric design for daylighting
F Sommese, SM Hosseini, L Badarnah, F Capozzi, S Giordano, ...
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Evaluation of smart irrigation systems in hot-arid climates for green roofs and walls: case of Doha, Qatar
SM Zaina, F Fadli, SM Hosseini
Smart and Sustainable Built Environment 11 (2), 346-367, 2022
Reconstruction of narrowband solar radiation for enhanced spectral selectivity in building-integrated solar energy simulations
C Chen, Q Duan, Y Feng, J Wang, NG Ardabili, N Wang, SM Hosseini, ...
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Development of a morphological approach for interactive kinetic façade design: Improving multiple occupants’ visual comfort
SM Hosseini
Enhancing Visual Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Office Lighting Using Parametric-Generative Design Approach for Interactive Kinetic Louvers
M Hosseini, M Heiranipour, J Wang, LE Hinkle, G Triantafyllidis, S Attia
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The Effects of Orientation and Width of Space Between Buildings on Ventilation of High-Rise Areas
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Exploring the potential of colored glass in the south façade for optimizing visual comfort
SM Hosseini, M Mohammadi, ALP Rosemann, TWA Schröder
Optimization building orientation and windows by using solar radiant energy
SM Hosseini, A Zati
Architecture and Solar energy and its relation with economical benefits (Iran case study)
SM Hosseini, A Zati
Journal of Current Research in Science, 668, 2016
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