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FPGA/DNN Co-Design: An Efficient Design Methodology for 1oT Intelligence on the Edge
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Hardware-Software Co-Design for an Analog-Digital Accelerator for Machine Learning
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Acceleration of the Pair-HMM algorithm for DNA variant calling
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Analysis and optimization of I/O cache coherency strategies for SoC-FPGA device
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Near-memory and in-storage FPGA acceleration for emerging cognitive computing workloads
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Accelerating frequent item counting with FPGA
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Hammond, Simon 104 Han, Jie 111 Han, Menglin 111 Hanif, Muhammad Abdullah 553
C Hao, D Fan, Y Fan, Z Fan, A Fayyazi, V Fischer, CFB Fong, D Forte, ...
Massively-Parallel Heterogeneous Computing for Solving Large Problems
W Hwu, M Hidayetoglu, C Pearson, S Garcia, S Huang, A Dakkak
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