Gal Mishne
Gal Mishne
Assistant Professor, UC San Diego
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Online adversarial purification based on self-supervised learning
C Shi, C Holtz, G Mishne
International Conference on Learning Representations, 2021
Multiscale anomaly detection using diffusion maps
G Mishne, I Cohen
IEEE Journal of selected topics in signal processing 7 (1), 111-123, 2012
Diffusion Nets
G Mishne, U Shaham, A Cloninger, I Cohen
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 2017
Nonlinear manifold learning in functional magnetic resonance imaging uncovers a low-dimensional space of brain dynamics.
S Gao, G Mishne, D Scheinost
Human brain mapping, 2021
Hierarchical Coupled-Geometry Analysis for Neuronal Structure and Activity Pattern Discovery
G Mishne, R Talmon, R Meir, J Schiller, M Lavzin, U Dubin, RR Coifman
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Graph-based supervised automatic target detection
G Mishne, R Talmon, I Cohen
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 53 (5), 2738-2754, 2014
Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP) Reveals Composite Patterns and Resolves Visualization Artifacts in Microbiome Data
G Armstrong, C Martino, G Rahman, A Gonzalez, Y Vázquez-Baeza, ...
mSystems 6 (5), e00691-21, 2021
Visualizing the PHATE of Neural Networks
S Gigante, AS Charles, S Krishnaswamy, G Mishne
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Applications and comparison of dimensionality reduction methods for microbiome data
GW Armstrong, G Rahman, C Martino, D Mcdonald, A Gonzalez, ...
Frontiers in Bioinformatics, 18, 2022
Multiway graph signal processing on tensors: Integrative analysis of irregular geometries
JS Stanley, EC Chi, G Mishne
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Data-Driven Tree Transforms and Metrics
G Mishne, R Talmon, I Cohen, RR Coifman, Y Kluger
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Rapid fluctuations in functional connectivity of cortical networks encode spontaneous behavior
H Benisty, D Barson, AH Moberly, S Lohani, L Tang, RR Coifman, ...
Nature Neuroscience, 1-11, 2023
Automated cellular structure extraction in biological images with applications to calcium imaging data
G Mishne, RR Coifman, M Lavzin, J Schiller
bioRxiv, 313981, 2018
Spectral Embedding Norm: Looking Deep into the Spectrum of the Graph Laplacian
X Cheng, G Mishne
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 13 (2), 1015-1048, 2020
Randomized near-neighbor graphs, giant components and applications in data science
A Jaffe, Y Kluger, GC Linderman, G Mishne, S Steinerberger
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Smooth graph learning for functional connectivity estimation
S Gao, X Xia, D Scheinost, G Mishne
NeuroImage 239, 118289, 2021
LDLE: Low Distortion Local Eigenmaps
D Kohli, A Cloninger, G Mishne
Journal of Machine Learning Research 22, 1-64, 2021
Co-manifold learning with missing data
G Mishne, EC Chi, RR Coifman
36th International Conference on Machine Learning 97, 4605--4614, 2019
GraFT: Graph filtered temporal dictionary learning for functional neural imaging
AS Charles, N Cermak, RO Affan, BB Scott, J Schiller, G Mishne
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 31, 3509-3524, 2022
Poincaré embedding reveals edge-based functional networks of the brain
S Gao, G Mishne, D Scheinost
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention–MICCAI 2020: 23rd …, 2020
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