Varsha Srivastava
Varsha Srivastava
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Nano‐adsorbents for the removal of metallic pollutants from water and wastewater
YC Sharma, V Srivastava, VK Singh, SN Kaul, CH Weng
Environmental technology 30 (6), 583-609, 2009
Recent advancement in biodiesel production methodologies using various feedstock: A review
I Ambat, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 90, 356-369, 2018
Critical review on the toxicity of some widely used engineered nanoparticles
V Srivastava, D Gusain, YC Sharma
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Adsorption of nickel ions from aqueous solutions by nano alumina: kinetic, mass transfer, and equilibrium studies
V Srivastava, CH Weng, VK Singh, YC Sharma
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Synthesis, characterization and application of zinc oxide nanoparticles (n-ZnO)
V Srivastava, D Gusain, YC Sharma
Ceramics International 39 (8), 9803-9808, 2013
Understanding the factors affecting the adsorption of Lanthanum using different adsorbents: a critical review
S Iftekhar, DL Ramasamy, V Srivastava, MB Asif, M Sillanpää
Chemosphere 204, 413-430, 2018
Adsorption characteristics of modified sand for the removal of hexavalent chromium ions from aqueous solutions: Kinetic, thermodynamic and equilibrium studies
S Yadav, V Srivastava, S Banerjee, CH Weng, YC Sharma
Catena 100, 120-127, 2013
Alumina nanoparticles for the removal of Ni (II) from aqueous solutions
YC Sharma, V Srivastava, SN Upadhyay, CH Weng
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 47 (21), 8095-8100, 2008
Degradation and mineralization of phenol in aqueous medium by heterogeneous monopersulfate activation on nanostructured cobalt based-perovskite catalysts ACoO3 (A= La, Ba, Sr …
SB Hammouda, F Zhao, Z Safaei, V Srivastava, DL Ramasamy, S Iftekhar, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 215, 60-73, 2017
Synthesis and application of LDH intercalated cellulose nanocomposite for separation of rare earth elements (REEs)
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 309, 130-139, 2017
Application of a new adsorbent for fluoride removal from aqueous solutions
AL Srivastav, PK Singh, V Srivastava, YC Sharma
Journal of Hazardous materials 263, 342-352, 2013
The pH sensitive properties of carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles cross-linked with calcium ions
S Kalliola, E Repo, V Srivastava, JP Heiskanen, JA Sirviö, H Liimatainen, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 153, 229-236, 2017
Green synthesis of magnesium oxide nanoflower and its application for the removal of divalent metallic species from synthetic wastewater
V Srivastava, YC Sharma, M Sillanpää
Ceramics International 41 (5), 6702-6709, 2015
Synthesis and Application of Nano-Al2O3 Powder for the Reclamation of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Solutions
YC Sharma, V Srivastava, AK Mukherjee
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 55 (7), 2390-2398, 2010
Effect of metal ions adsorption on the efficiency of methylene blue degradation onto MgFe2O4 as Fenton-like catalysts
A Ivanets, M Roshchina, V Srivastava, V Prozorovich, T Dontsova, ...
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 571, 17-26, 2019
Removal of Cr (VI) from wastewater by adsorption on iron nanoparticles
YC Sharma, V Srivastava, CH Weng, SN Upadhyay
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 87 (6), 921-929, 2009
Biochar based catalysts for the abatement of emerging pollutants: a review
T Do Minh, J Song, A Deb, L Cha, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 394, 124856, 2020
Enrichment of lanthanides in aqueous system by cellulose based silica nanocomposite
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
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Comparative studies of removal of Cr (VI) and Ni (II) from aqueous solutions by magnetic nanoparticles
YC Sharma, V Srivastava
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 56 (4), 819-825, 2011
Application of nano-magnesso ferrite (n-MgFe2O4) for the removal of Co2+ ions from synthetic wastewater: kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies
V Srivastava, YC Sharma, M Sillanpää
Applied Surface Science 338, 42-54, 2015
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