Caius Lucius Selhorst
Caius Lucius Selhorst
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Solar science with the Atacama large millimeter/submillimeter array—a new view of our Sun
S Wedemeyer, T Bastian, R Brajša, H Hudson, G Fleishman, ...
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CL Selhorst, A Silva-Válio, JER Costa
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Radius variations over a solar cycle
CL Selhorst, AVR Silva, JER Costa
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How are the EUV and radio polar limb-brightenings correlated?
CL Selhorst, CGG de Castro, ACV Saraiva, JER Costa
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RD Cunha-Silva, FCR Fernandes, CL Selhorst
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Effects observed in the equatorial and low latitude ionospheric F-region in the Brazilian sector during low solar activity geomagnetic storms and comparison with the COSMIC …
Y Sahai, R de Jesus, PR Fagundes, CL Selhorst, AJ de Abreu, ST Ram, ...
Advances in space research 50 (10), 1344-1351, 2012
Pakal: a three-dimensional model to solve the radiative transfer equation
V De la Luz, A Lara, JE Mendoza-Torres, CL Selhorst
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The 17 GHz active region number
CL Selhorst, JER Costa, CG Giménez de Castro, A Valio, AA Pacini, ...
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Comparison of solar radio and extreme ultraviolet synoptic limb charts during the present solar maximum
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Solar Type II Radio Bursts Recorded by the Compound Astronomical Low-Frequency Low-Cost Instrument for Spectroscopy in Transportable Observatories in Brazil
RD Cunha-Silva, FCR Fernandes, CL Selhorst
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CL Selhorst, PJA Simoes, AJO e Silva, CGG de Castro, JER Costa, ...
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3-D Solar Atmospheric Model Over Active Regions
CL Selhorst, JER Costa, AVR Silva
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Well-defined EUV wave associated with a CME-driven shock
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The Submillimeter Active Region Excess Brightness Temperature during Solar Cycles 23 and 24
CGG de Castro, ALG Pereira, JFV Silva, CL Selhorst, CH Mandrini, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 902 (2), 136, 2020
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