James Lea
James Lea
Reader in Glaciology, University of Liverpool
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Increasing meltwater discharge from the Nuuk region of the Greenland ice sheet and implications for mass balance (1960–2012)
D Van As, ML Andersen, D Petersen, X Fettweis, JH Van Angelen, ...
Journal of Glaciology 60 (220), 314-322, 2014
The Google Earth Engine Digitisation Tool (GEEDiT) and the Margin change Quantification Tool (MaQiT)–simple tools for the rapid mapping and quantification of changing Earth …
JM Lea
Earth Surface Dynamics 6 (3), 551-561, 2018
Evaluation of existing and new methods of tracking glacier terminus change
JM Lea, DWF Mair, BR Rea
Journal of Glaciology 60 (220), 323-332, 2014
Terminus-driven retreat of a major southwest Greenland tidewater glacier during the early 19th century: insights from glacier reconstructions and numerical modelling
JM Lea, DWF Mair, FM Nick, BR Rea, A Weidick, KH Kjaer, M Morlighem, ...
Journal of Glaciology 60 (220), 333-344, 2014
Fluctuations of a Greenlandic tidewater glacier driven by changes in atmospheric forcing: observations and modelling of Kangiata Nunaata Sermia, 1859–present
JM Lea, DWF Mair, FM Nick, BR Rea, D van As, M Morlighem, ...
The Cryosphere 8, 2031-2045, 2014
Fluctuations of a Greenlandic tidewater glacier driven by changes in atmospheric forcing: observations and modelling of Kangiata Nunaata Sermia, 1859–present
JM Lea, DWF Mair, FM Nick, BR Rea, D Van As, M Morlighem, ...
The Cryosphere Discussions, 2014
Timing of the first drainage of the Baltic Ice Lake synchronous with the onset of Greenland Stadial 1
F Muschitiello, JM Lea, SL Greenwood, FM Nick, L Brunnberg, ...
Boreas 45 (2), 322-334, 2016
Shallow ice approximation, second order shallow ice approximation, and full Stokes models: A discussion of their roles in palaeo-ice sheet modelling and development
N Kirchner, J Ahlkrona, EJ Gowan, P Lötstedt, JM Lea, R Noormets, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 147, 136-147, 2016
ICESHEET 1.0: a program to produce paleo-ice sheet reconstructions with minimal assumptions
EJ Gowan, P Tregoning, A Purcell, J Lea, OJ Fransner, R Noormets, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 9 (5), 1673-1682, 2016
Influences of salinity on the physiology and distribution of the Arctic coralline algae, Lithothamnion glaciale (Corallinales, Rhodophyta)
KM Schoenrock, M Bacquet, D Pearce, BR Rea, JE Schofield, J Lea, ...
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Exceptional retreat of Kangerlussuaq Glacier, east Greenland, between 2016 and 2018
S Brough, JR Carr, N Ross, JM Lea
Frontiers in Earth Science 7, 123, 2019
Enhanced ice sheet melting driven by volcanic eruptions during the last deglaciation
F Muschitiello, FSR Pausata, JM Lea, DWF Mair, B Wohlfarth
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Linear response of the Greenland ice sheet's tidewater glacier terminus positions to climate
D Fahrner, JM Lea, S Brough, DWF Mair, J Abermann
Journal of Glaciology 67 (262), 193-203, 2021
Subglacial drainage evolution modulates seasonal ice flow variability of three tidewater glaciers in southwest Greenland
BJ Davison, AJ Sole, TR Cowton, JM Lea, DA Slater, D Fahrner, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 125 (9), e2019JF005492, 2020
The glacial geomorphology of upper Godthåbsfjord (Nuup Kangerlua) in southwest Greenland
DM Pearce, DWF Mair, BR Rea, JM Lea, JE Schofield, N Kamenos, ...
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Controls on the early Holocene collapse of the Bothnian Sea Ice Stream
CC Clason, SL Greenwood, N Selmes, JM Lea, SSR Jamieson, FM Nick, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 121 (12), 2494-2513, 2016
Quantification of turbate microstructures through a subglacial till: dimensions and characteristics
JM Lea, A Palmer
Boreas 43 (4), 869-881, 2014
TermPicks: a century of Greenland glacier terminus data for use in scientific and machine learning applications
S Goliber, T Black, G Catania, JM Lea, H Olsen, D Cheng, S Bevan, ...
The Cryosphere 16 (8), 3215-3233, 2022
Pushing the limits: palynological investigations at the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet in the Norse Western Settlement
JE Schofield, DM Pearce, DWF Mair, BR Rea, JM Lea, NA Kamenos, ...
Environmental Archaeology 27 (2), 228-242, 2022
Remote Detection of Surge-Related Glacier Terminus Change across High Mountain Asia
AB Vale, NS Arnold, WG Rees, JM Lea
Remote Sensing 13 (7), 1309, 2021
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