Samuel Couth
Samuel Couth
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Supra-threshold auditory brainstem response amplitudes in humans: Test-retest reliability, electrode montage and noise exposure
G Prendergast, W Tu, H Guest, RE Millman, K Kluk, S Couth, KJ Munro, ...
Hearing research 364, 38-47, 2018
The noise exposure structured interview (NESI): an instrument for the comprehensive estimation of lifetime noise exposure
H Guest, RS Dewey, CJ Plack, S Couth, G Prendergast, W Bakay, DA Hall
Trends in hearing 22, 2331216518803213, 2018
Back to Analogue: Self-Reporting for Parkinson's Disease
J Vega, S Couth, E Poliakoff, S Kotz, M Sullivan, C Jay, M Vigo, S Harper
Proceedings of the 2018 CHI conference on human factors in computing systems …, 2018
Adapting the crossmodal congruency task for measuring the limits of visual–tactile interactions within and between groups
D Poole, S Couth, E Gowen, PA Warren, E Poliakoff
Multisensory Research 28 (3-4), 227-244, 2015
Can you detect early dementia from an email? A proof of principle study of daily computer use to detect cognitive and functional decline
G Stringer, S Couth, LJE Brown, D Montaldi, A Gledson, J Mellor, ...
International journal of geriatric psychiatry 33 (7), 867-874, 2018
Effects of age and noise exposure on proxy measures of cochlear synaptopathy
G Prendergast, S Couth, RE Millman, H Guest, K Kluk, KJ Munro, ...
Trends in hearing 23, 2331216519877301, 2019
Investigating the spatial and temporal modulation of visuotactile interactions in older adults
S Couth, E Gowen, E Poliakoff
Experimental brain research 234 (5), 1233-1248, 2016
Combining mouse and keyboard events with higher level desktop actions to detect mild cognitive impairment
A Gledson, D Asfiandy, J Mellor, TOF Ba-Dhfari, G Stringer, S Couth, ...
2016 IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI), 139-145, 2016
Combining data mining and text mining for detection of early stage dementia: the SAMS framework
CN Bull, D Asfiandy, A Gledson, J Mellor, S Couth, G Stringer, PE Rayson, ...
European Language Resources Association (ELRA), 2016
Dissociating affordance and spatial compatibility effects using a pantomimed reaching action
S Couth, E Gowen, E Poliakoff
Experimental brain research 232 (3), 855-864, 2014
Using race model violation to explore multisensory responses in older adults: enhanced multisensory integration or slower unisensory processing?
S Couth, E Gowen, E Poliakoff
Multisensory research 31 (3-4), 151-174, 2018
Facial behaviour analysis in parkinson’s disease
R Almutiry, S Couth, E Poliakoff, S Kotz, M Silverdale, T Cootes
International Conference on Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality, 329-339, 2016
Hearing difficulties and tinnitus in construction, agricultural, music, and finance industries: contributions of demographic, health, and lifestyle factors
S Couth, N Mazlan, DR Moore, KJ Munro, P Dawes
Trends in hearing 23, 2331216519885571, 2019
Known and unknown requirements in healthcare
A Sutcliffe, P Sawyer, G Stringer, S Couth, LJE Brown, A Gledson, C Bull, ...
Requirements engineering 25 (1), 1-20, 2020
Which computer-use behaviours are most indicative of cognitive decline? Insights from an expert reference group
S Couth, G Stringer, I Leroi, AG Sutcliffe, A Gledson, D Bruno, ...
Health informatics journal 25 (3), 1053-1064, 2019
How does ageing affect grasp adaptation to a visual–haptic size conflict?
S Couth, E Gowen, E Poliakoff
Experimental brain research 236 (8), 2173-2184, 2018
The effect of ageing on optimal integration of conflicting and non-conflicting visual–haptic stimuli
S Couth, D Poole, E Gowen, RA Champion, PA Warren, E Poliakoff
Multisensory research 32 (8), 771-796, 2019
No effect of interstimulus interval on acoustic reflex thresholds
H Guest, KJ Munro, S Couth, RE Millman, G Prendergast, K Kluk, ...
Trends in hearing 23, 2331216519874165, 2019
Similarities in autistic and neurotypical visual–haptic perception when making judgements about conflicting sensory stimuli
D Poole, E Poliakoff, E Gowen, S Couth, RA Champion, PA Warren
Multisensory research 30 (6), 509-536, 2017
A technological solution for monitoring Parkinson's disease: A patient-based perspective on necessity, usability and acceptability: 1415
S Couth, E Poliakoff, J Vega, C Jay, S Harper, R Almutiry, T Cootes, ...
Movement Disorders 31, 2016
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