Timo Laukkanen
Timo Laukkanen
Staff Scientist
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Pilot-scale experimental work on carbon dioxide sequestration using steelmaking slag
A Said, T Laukkanen, M Järvinen
Applied energy 177, 602-611, 2016
Energetic and environmental performance of three biomass upgrading processes integrated with a CHP plant
T Kohl, T Laukkanen, M Järvinen, CJ Fogelholm
Applied energy 107, 124-134, 2013
Integration of biomass fast pyrolysis and precedent feedstock steam drying with a municipal combined heat and power plant
T Kohl, TP Laukkanen, MP Järvinen
Biomass and Bioenergy 71, 413-430, 2014
Multi-objective optimization of hybrid photovoltaic–thermal collectors integrated in a DHW heating system
JT Vera, T Laukkanen, K Sirén
Energy and Buildings 74, 78-90, 2014
Exergoeconomic assessment of CHP-integrated biomass upgrading
T Kohl, M Teles, K Melin, T Laukkanen, M Järvinen, SW Park, R Guidici
Applied energy 156, 290-305, 2015
Performance evaluation and multi-objective optimization of hybrid photovoltaic–thermal collectors
JT Vera, T Laukkanen, K Sirén
Solar energy 102, 223-233, 2014
Analysis of a wooden pellet-fueled domestic thermoelectric cogeneration system
K Alanne, T Laukkanen, K Saari, J Jokisalo
Applied Thermal Engineering 63 (1), 1-10, 2014
Waste heat recovery from a data centre and 5G smart poles for low-temperature district heating network
A Khosravi, T Laukkanen, V Vuorinen, S Syri
Energy 218, 119468, 2021
An interactive multi-objective approach to heat exchanger network synthesis
T Laukkanen, TM Tveit, V Ojalehto, K Miettinen, CJ Fogelholm
Computers & chemical engineering 34 (6), 943-952, 2010
Bilevel heat exchanger network synthesis with an interactive multi-objective optimization method
T Laukkanen, TM Tveit, V Ojalehto, K Miettinen, CJ Fogelholm
Applied Thermal Engineering 48, 301-316, 2012
Simulation of Jatropha curcas shell in gasifier for synthesis gas and hydrogen production
NA Pambudi, T Laukkanen, M Syamsiro, IM Gandidi
Journal of the Energy Institute 90 (5), 672-679, 2017
Simultaneous heat exchanger network synthesis for direct and indirect heat transfer inside and between processes
T Laukkanen, TM Tveit, CJ Fogelholm
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 90 (9), 1129-1140, 2012
District heat network as a short-term energy storage
M Kouhia, T Laukkanen, H Holmberg, P Ahtila
Energy 177, 293-303, 2019
Impact of structural changes on energy efficiency of Finnish pulp and paper industry
S Kähkönen, E Vakkilainen, T Laukkanen
Energies 12 (19), 3689, 2019
Implementation aspects of interactive multiobjective optimization for modeling environments: the case of GAMS-NIMBUS
V Ojalehto, K Miettinen, T Laukkanen
Computational Optimization and Applications 58, 757-779, 2014
Interplant heat exchanger network synthesis using nanofluids for interplant heat exchange
T Laukkanen, A Seppälä
Applied thermal engineering 135, 133-144, 2018
Comparison of energy efficiency assessment methods: Case Bio-SNG process
T Kohl, T Laukkanen, M Tuomaala, T Niskanen, S Siitonen, MP Järvinen, ...
Energy 74, 88-98, 2014
Electricity demand time series forecasting based on empirical mode decomposition and long short-term memory
S Taheri, B Talebjedi, T Laukkanen
Energy Eng. J. Assoc. Energy Eng 118 (6), 1577-1594, 2021
A bilevel optimization method for simultaneous synthesis of medium-scale heat exchanger networks based on grouping of process streams
T Laukkanen, CJ Fogelholm
Computers & chemical engineering 35 (11), 2389-2400, 2011
Energy modeling of a refiner in thermo-mechanical pulping process using ANFIS method
B Talebjedi, A Khosravi, T Laukkanen, H Holmberg, E Vakkilainen, S Syri
Energies 13 (19), 5113, 2020
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