Swarnalatha P
Swarnalatha P
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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Optimal feature selection through a cluster-based DT learning (CDTL) in heart disease prediction
G Magesh, P Swarnalatha
Evolutionary intelligence 14 (2), 583-593, 2021
Rough intuitionistic fuzzy C-means algorithm and a comparative analysis
R Bhargava, BK Tripathy, A Tripathy, R Dhull, E Verma, P Swarnalatha
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Exploration of various cloud security challenges and threats
AK Chitturi, P Swarnalatha
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Detection of features to track objects and segmentation using grabcut for application in marker-less augmented reality
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Rough intuitionistic fuzzy c-means algorithm and a comparative analysis
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Student Performance Prediction Model Based on Lion-Wolf Neural Network.
L Ramanathan, A Geetha, M Khalid, P Swarnalatha
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Smart attendance marking system using facial recognition
NA Kumar, P Swarnalatha, P Chowdary, JK Naidu, KS Kumar
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Facial expression detection using facial expression model
HP Mal, P Swarnalatha
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Mining Educational Data for students' placement prediction using Sum of difference method
P Swarnalatha, DGG Ramanathan
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Big data analytics for satellite image processing and remote sensing
P Swarnalatha, P Sevugan
IGI Global, 2018
Cluster analysis using hybrid soft computing techniques
P Swarnalatha, BK Tripathy, PL Nithin, D Ghosh
Proc. of International Conference on Advances in Communication, Network, and …, 2014
A novel fuzzy c-means approach with bit plane algorithm for classification of medical images
P Swarnalatha, BK Tripathy
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A centroid model for the depth assessment of images using rough fuzzy set techniques
P Swarnalatha, BK Tripathy
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Automated assessment tool for the depth of pipe deterioration
P Swarnalatha, M Kota, NR Resu, G Srivasanth
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Convex Hull Based Wbc Computation For Leukaemia Detection
G Singh, P Swarnalatha, BK Tripathy, S Kakani
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Analyzing customer sentiments using machine learning techniques
G Magesh, P Swarnalatha
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A survey on various machine learning techniques for an efficient brain tumor detection from MRI images
V Sanjay, P Swarnalatha
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Building Management System Using Windows Communication Foundation And XAML
P Swarnalatha, MR Babu, S Thallapelly
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Efficient high-end video data privacy preservation with integrity verification in cloud storage
G Megala, P Swarnalatha
Computers and Electrical Engineering 102, 108226, 2022
A neural network classification approach for oil spill detection on SAR images
S Vijayakumar, P Swarnalatha, S Rukmini
IIOAB J 7 (5), 225-235, 2016
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