Juan J. Sendra
Juan J. Sendra
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Understanding the performance gap in energy retrofitting: Measured input data for adjusting building simulation models
E Cuerda, O Guerra-Santin, JJ Sendra, FJ Neila
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Towards energy demand reduction in social housing buildings: Envelope system optimization strategies
S Domínguez, JJ Sendra, AL León, PM Esquivias
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Thermal comfort prediction in a building category: Artificial neural network generation from calibrated models for a social housing stock in southern Europe
R Escandón, F Ascione, N Bianco, GM Mauro, R Suárez, JJ Sendra
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Intangible cultural heritage: The sound of the Romanesque cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
R Suárez, A Alonso, JJ Sendra
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Effects of the covid-19 pandemic on indoor air quality and thermal comfort of primary schools in winter in a mediterranean climate
A Alonso, J Llanos, R Escandón, JJ Sendra
Sustainability 13 (5), 2699, 2021
An approach to modelling envelope airtightness in multi-family social housing in Mediterranean Europe based on the situation in Spain
J Fernández-Agüera, S Domínguez-Amarillo, JJ Sendra, R Suárez
Energy and Buildings 128, 236-253, 2016
On the assessment of the energy performance and environmental behaviour of social housing stock for the adjustment between simulated and measured data: The case of mild winters …
R Escandón, R Suárez, JJ Sendra
Energy and Buildings 152, 418-433, 2017
Archaeoacoustics of intangible cultural heritage: The sound of the Maior Ecclesia of Cluny
R Suárez, A Alonso, JJ Sendra
Journal of cultural heritage 19, 567-572, 2016
Intervención energética en el sector residencial del sur de España: Retos actuales
JJ Sendra, S Domínguez-Amarillo, P Bustamante, AL León
Informes de la Construcción 65 (532), 457-464, 2013
Energy efficiency and lighting design in courtyards and atriums: A predictive method for daylight factors
I Acosta, C Varela, JF Molina, J Navarro, JJ Sendra
Applied energy 211, 1216-1228, 2018
Towards an analysis of daylighting simulation software
I Acosta, J Navarro, JJ Sendra
Energies 4 (7), 1010-1024, 2011
Adaptive approach-based assessment of a heritage residential complex in southern Spain for improving comfort and energy efficiency through passive strategies: A study based on …
T Blázquez, S Ferrari, R Suárez, JJ Sendra
Energy 181, 504-520, 2019
Evaluation of indoor environment and energy performance of dwellings in heritage buildings. The case of hot summers in historic cities in Mediterranean Europe
R Caro, JJ Sendra
Sustainable Cities and Society 52, 101798, 2020
Acoustic evaluation of the cathedral of Seville as a concert hall and proposals for improving the acoustic quality perceived by listeners
A Alonso, JJ Sendra, R Suarez, T Zamarreño
Journal of Building Performance Simulation 7 (5), 360-378, 2014
Predicting the impact of climate change on thermal comfort in a building category: The Case of Linear-type Social Housing Stock in Southern Spain
R Escandón, R Suárez, JJ Sendra, F Ascione, N Bianco, GM Mauro
Energies 12 (12), 2238, 2019
Field assessment of thermal comfort conditions and energy performance of social housing: The case of hot summers in the Mediterranean climate
R Escandón, R Suárez, JJ Sendra
Energy policy 128, 377-392, 2019
The Western Latin church as a place for music and preaching: An acoustic assessment
J Navarro, JJ Sendra, S Muñoz
Applied Acoustics 70 (6), 781-789, 2009
Virtual acoustic environment reconstruction of the hypostyle mosque of Cordoba
R Suárez, A Alonso, JJ Sendra
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Protocols for measuring the airtightness of multi-dwelling units in Southern Europe
J Fernández-Agüera, JJ Sendra, S Domínguez
Procedia Engineering 21, 98-105, 2011
Daylighting design with lightscoop skylights: Towards an optimization of shape under overcast sky conditions
I Acosta, J Navarro, JJ Sendra
Energy and buildings 60, 232-238, 2013
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