Takatomi Kubo
Takatomi Kubo
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Heart rate variability predicts the emotional state in dogs
M Katayama, T Kubo, K Mogi, K Ikeda, M Nagasawa, T Kikusui
Behavioural processes 128, 108-112, 2016
Art expertise reduces influence of visual salience on fixation in viewing abstract-paintings
N Koide, T Kubo, S Nishida, T Shibata, K Ikeda
PloS one 10 (2), e0117696, 2015
Prevalence and risk factors of internet gaming disorder and problematic internet use before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: A large online survey of Japanese adults
T Oka, T Hamamura, Y Miyake, N Kobayashi, M Honjo, M Kawato, T Kubo, ...
Journal of Psychiatric Research 142, 218-225, 2021
Emotional contagion from humans to dogs is facilitated by duration of ownership
M Katayama, T Kubo, T Yamakawa, K Fujiwara, K Nomoto, K Ikeda, ...
Frontiers in Psychology, 1678, 2019
Modeling and prediction of driving behaviors using a nonparametric bayesian method with ar models
R Hamada, T Kubo, K Ikeda, Z Zhang, T Shibata, T Bando, K Hitomi, ...
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Herding mechanisms to maintain the cohesion of a harem group: two interaction phases during herding
M Ringhofer, CK Go, S Inoue, R S Mendonça, S Hirata, T Kubo, K Ikeda, ...
Journal of Ethology 38 (1), 71-77, 2020
Towards excluding redundancy in electrode grid for automatic speech recognition based on surface EMG
T Kubo, M Yoshida, T Hattori, K Ikeda
Neurocomputing 134, 15-19, 2014
Expert programmers have fine-tuned cortical representations of source code
Y Ikutani, T Kubo, S Nishida, H Hata, K Matsumoto, K Ikeda, S Nishimoto
Eneuro 8 (1), 2021
Variational Bayesian inference algorithms for infinite relational model of network data
T Konishi, T Kubo, K Watanabe, K Ikeda
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 26 (9), 2176-2181, 2014
Real-time emotional state estimation system for canines based on heart rate variability
R Hamada, K Ohno, S Matsubara, T Hoshi, M Nagasawa, T Kikusui, ...
2017 IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems (CBS), 298-303, 2017
Roles of pre-training in deep neural networks from information theoretical perspective
Y Furusho, T Kubo, K Ikeda
Neurocomputing 248, 76-79, 2017
A comparative study of time series modeling for driving behavior towards prediction
R Hamada, T Kubo, K Ikeda, Z Zhang, T Bando, M Egawa
2013 Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association Annual …, 2013
Multi-level attention pooling for graph neural networks: Unifying graph representations with multiple localities
TD Itoh, T Kubo, K Ikeda
Neural Networks 145, 356-373, 2022
Cyber-enhanced rescue canine
K Ohno, R Hamada, T Hoshi, H Nishinoma, S Yamaguchi, S Arnold, ...
Disaster Robotics, 143-193, 2019
Epileptic seizure suppression by focal brain cooling with recirculating coolant cooling system: modeling and simulation
K Hata, K Fujiwara, T Inoue, T Abe, T Kubo, T Yamakawa, S Nomura, ...
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 27 (2 …, 2019
A classification method between novice and experienced drivers using eye tracking data and Gaussian process classifier
Z Zhang, T Kubo, J Watanabe, T Shibata, K Ikeda, T Bando, K Hitomi, ...
Society of Instrument and Control Engineers of Japan (SICE), 2015 54th …, 2015
Differential temperature sensitivity of synaptic and firing processes in a neural mass model of epileptic discharges explains heterogeneous response of experimental epilepsy to …
J Soriano, T Kubo, T Inoue, H Kida, T Yamakawa, M Suzuki, K Ikeda
PLoS Computational Biology 13 (10), e1005736, 2017
Application of SsVGMM to medical data-classification with novelty detection
F Yang, J Soriano, T Kubo, K Ikeda
2017 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2017
System for detecting abnormal driving behavior
T Bando, M Egawa, T Kubo, R Hamada, K Ikeda
US Patent 9,111,400, 2015
System for detecting abnormal driving behavior
T Bando, M Egawa, T Kubo, R Hamada, K Ikeda
US Patent 9,111,400, 2015
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