Haichao Miao
Haichao Miao
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Adenita: interactive 3D modelling and visualization of DNA nanostructures
E de Llano, H Miao, Y Ahmadi, AJ Wilson, M Beeby, I Viola, I Barisic
Nucleic acids research 48 (15), 8269-8275, 2020
Multiscale molecular visualization
H Miao, T Klein, D Kouřil, P Mindek, K Schatz, ME Gröller, B Kozlíková, ...
Journal of molecular biology 431 (6), 1049-1070, 2019
Placenta maps: in utero placental health assessment of the human fetus
H Miao, G Mistelbauer, A Karimov, A Alansary, A Davidson, DFA Lloyd, ...
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 23 (6), 1612-1623, 2017
Multiscale visualization and scale-adaptive modification of DNA nanostructures
H Miao, E De Llano, J Sorger, Y Ahmadi, T Kekic, T Isenberg, ME Gröller, ...
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 24 (1), 1014-1024, 2017
DimSUM: dimension and scale unifying map for visual abstraction of DNA origami structures
H Miao, E De Llano, T Isenberg, ME Gröller, I Barišić, I Viola
Computer Graphics Forum 37 (3), 403-413, 2018
Scale Trotter: Illustrative visual travels across negative scales
S Halladjian, H Miao, D Kouřil, ME Gröller, I Viola, T Isenberg
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 26 (1), 654-664, 2019
CoWRadar: Visual Quantification of the Circle of Willis in Stroke Patients.
H Miao, G Mistelbauer, C Nasel, ME Gröller
VCBM, 1-10, 2015
Vivern–A Virtual Environment for Multiscale Visualization and Modeling of DNA Nanostructures
D Kuťák, MN Selzer, J Byška, ML Ganuza, I Barišić, B Kozlíková, H Miao
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 28 (12), 4825-4838, 2021
Elisa De Llano, Johannes Sorger, Yasaman Ahmadi, Tadija Kekic, Tobias Isenberg, M Eduard Gröller, Ivan Barišic, and Ivan Viola. Multiscale visualization and scale-adaptive …
H Miao
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 24 (1), 1014-1024, 2018
Visual quantification of the Circle of Willis: An automated identification and standardized representation
H Miao, G Mistelbauer, C Našel, ME Gröller
Computer Graphics Forum 36 (6), 393-404, 2017
Virtual inspection of additively manufactured parts
P Klacansky, H Miao, A Gyulassy, A Townsend, K Champley, J Tringe, ...
2022 IEEE 15th Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 81-90, 2022
Unified nanotechnology format: one way to store them all
D Kuťák, E Poppleton, H Miao, P Šulc, I Barišić
Molecules 27 (1), 63, 2021
Multiscale unfolding: illustratively visualizing the whole genome at a glance
S Halladjian, D Kouřil, H Miao, ME Gröller, I Viola, T Isenberg
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 28 (10), 3456-3470, 2021
Interactive exploded views for molecular structures
M Sbardellati, H Miao, HY Wu, ME Gröller, I Barisic, I Viola
Eurographics Association, 2019
State of the art of molecular visualization in immersive virtual environments
D Kuťák, P Vázquez, T Isenberg, M Krone, M Baaden, J Byška, ...
Computer Graphics Forum, 2023
Tailored approach to study Legionella infection using a lattice light sheet microscope (LLSM)
X Yi, H Miao, JK Lo, MM Elsheikh, TH Lee, C Jiang, Y Zhang, BW Segelke, ...
Biomedical Optics Express 13 (8), 4134-4159, 2022
SynopSet: Multiscale Visual Abstraction Set for Explanatory Analysis of DNA Nanotechnology Simulations
D Luo, A Kouyoumdjian, O Strnad, H Miao, I Barišić, I Viola
arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.01628, 2022
lattice light sheet microscope dataset visualization and analysis
PT Bremer, H Miao, X Yi, TA Laurence
Lawrence Livermore National Lab.(LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States), 2022
Visualization Working Group at TU Wien: Visibile Facimus Quod Ceteri Non Possunt
HY Wu, A Amirkhanov, N Grossmann, T Klein, D Kouřil, H Miao, ...
Visual Informatics 5 (1), 76-84, 2021
Interactive Visual Analysis for the Design of DNA Nanostructures
H Miao, E De Llano, I Viola, I Barisic
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