K Vijay-Shanker
K Vijay-Shanker
Professor of Computer Science, University of Delaware
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Towards automatically generating summary comments for java methods
G Sridhara, E Hill, D Muppaneni, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
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The convergence of mildly context-sensitive grammar formalisms
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University of Pennsylvania, 1990
Automatic generation of natural language summaries for java classes
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The equivalence of four extensions of context-free grammars
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Characterizing structural descriptions produced by various grammatical formalisms
K Vijay-Shanker, D Weir, A Joshi
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Automatically capturing source code context of nl-queries for software maintenance and reuse
E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
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Using natural language program analysis to locate and understand action-oriented concerns
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Automatically detecting and describing high level actions within methods
G Sridhara, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
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Some computational properties of tree adjoining grammars
K Vijay-Shanker, A Joshi
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Mining source code to automatically split identifiers for software analysis
E Enslen, E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
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Feature structures based tree adjoining grammars
K Vijay-Shanker, A Joshi
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Using descriptions of trees in a tree adjoining grammar
K Vijay-Shanker
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Dialogue act tagging with transformation-based learning
K Samuel, S Carberry, K Vijay-Shanker
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A biological named entity recognizer
M Narayanaswamy, KE Ravikumar, K Vijay-Shanker
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D-tree grammars
O Rambow, K Vijay-Shanker, D Weir
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Exploring the neighborhood with dora to expedite software maintenance
E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated …, 2007
Parsing some constrained grammar formalisms
K Vijay-Shanker, D Weir
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AMAP: automatically mining abbreviation expansions in programs to enhance software maintenance tools
E Hill, ZP Fry, H Boyd, G Sridhara, Y Novikova, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
Proceedings of the 2008 international working conference on Mining software …, 2008
Generating parameter comments and integrating with method summaries
G Sridhara, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
2011 IEEE 19th international conference on program comprehension, 71-80, 2011
Beyond information retrieval—medical question answering
M Lee, J Cimino, HR Zhu, C Sable, V Shanker, J Ely, H Yu
AMIA annual symposium proceedings 2006, 469, 2006
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