Stacy L. Astrove
Stacy L. Astrove
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Resolution, relief, and resignation: A qualitative study of responses to misfit at work
EH Follmer, DL Talbot, AL Kristof-Brown, SL Astrove, J Billsberry
Academy of Management Journal 61 (2), 440-465, 2018
Those with the most find it hardest to share: Exploring leader resistance to the implementation of team-based empowerment
GL Stewart, SL Astrove, CJ Reeves, ER Crawford, SL Solimeo
Academy of Management Journal 60 (6), 2266-2293, 2017
To link or not to link? Multiple team membership and unit performance.
ER Crawford, CJ Reeves, GL Stewart, SL Astrove
Journal of Applied Psychology 104 (3), 341, 2019
14 Consequences of High LMX: Career Mobility and Success
ML Kraimer, SE Seibert, SL Astrove
The Oxford handbook of leader-member exchange, 241, 2015
Psychological contract breach and counterproductive work behavior: A moderated mediation model
SL Astrove, J Yang, M Kraimer, SJ Wayne
Academy of management proceedings 2015 (1), 11094, 2015
Sacrificing heroes or suffering victims? Investigating third parties’ reactions to divergent social accounts of essential employees in the COVID-19 pandemic.
Z Yuan, BS Cockburn, SL Astrove, BC Buis
Journal of Applied Psychology 106 (10), 1435, 2021
What and how do mentors learn? The role of relationship quality and mentoring self‐efficacy in mentor learning
SL Astrove, ML Kraimer
Personnel Psychology 75 (2), 485-513, 2022
What do mentors learn? The role of mentor and protégé role behavior and relationship quality in mentor learning
SL Astrove
The University of Iowa, 2017
Mobility and Human Capital Flow: Preferences, Signals, Comparisons, and Climates
W Choi, RM Paluch, H Zheng
Academy of Management Proceedings 2022 (1), 13623, 2022
What Do Mentors Learn? The Role of Protégé Role Behavior and Relationship Quality in Mentor Learning
SL Astrove, M Kraimer
Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 (1), 18018, 2020
Misfit: what do you do when you can't be yourself at work?
E Follmer, D Talbot, A Kristof-Brown, S Astrove, J Billsberry
LSE Business Review, 2018
Benefits of Bad Behavior: Cost and Benefits of Deviance in the Job Demands-Deviance Relationship
L Greco, SL Astrove, E Gonzalez-Mule, MK Mount
Academy of Management Proceedings 2017 (1), 17336, 2017
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S Anand, NM Ashkanasy, SL Astrove, TN Bauer, G Burlacu, AX Cao, ...
Multiple Team Membership and Primary Care Unit Performance
ER Crawford, GL Stewart, CJ Reeves, SL Astrove
Consequences of High LMX
ML Kraimer, SE Seibert, SL Astrove
The Oxford Handbook of Leader-Member Exchange, 0
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