Nate James Cira
Nate James Cira
Assistant Professor, Cornell University
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Vapour-mediated sensing and motility in two-component droplets
NJ Cira, A Benusiglio, M Prakash
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A self-loading microfluidic device for determining the minimum inhibitory concentration of antibiotics
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A biotic game design project for integrated life science and engineering education
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Neutral and selective dynamics in a synthetic microbial community
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Trap it! A playful human-biology interaction for a museum installation
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Two-component marangoni-contracted droplets: friction and shape
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Integrated bioprinting and imaging for scalable, networkable desktop experimentation
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Pac-Euglena: A Living Cellular Pac-Man Meets Virtual Ghosts
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Dancing droplets: Autonomous surface tension-driven droplet motion
NJ Cira, A Benusiglio, M Prakash
Physics of Fluids 26 (9), 2014
Correction: LudusScope: Accessible Interactive Smartphone Microscopy for Life-Science Education
H Kim, LC Gerber, D Chiu, SA Lee, NJ Cira, SY Xia, IH Riedel-Kruse
PloS one 11 (12), e0168053, 2016
Self-loading microfluidic device and methods of use
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Quantifying the interplay between rapid bacterial evolution within the mouse intestine and transmission between hosts
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Two-component self-contracted droplets: long-range attraction and confinement effects
A Benusiglio, N Cira, AW Lai, M Prakash
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.06404, 2017
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