Dennis Marquardt
Dennis Marquardt
Associate Professor of Management at ACU
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Minimizing cross-cultural maladaptation: How minority status facilitates change in international acculturation.
SD Volpone, DJ Marquardt, WJ Casper, DR Avery
Journal of Applied Psychology 103 (3), 249, 2018
Leader goal orientation and ethical leadership: A socio-cognitive approach of the impact of leader goal-oriented behavior on employee unethical behavior
DJ Marquardt, WJ Casper, M Kuenzi
Journal of Business Ethics 172 (3), 545-561, 2021
Ethical leadership perceptions: Does it matter if you’re black or white?
DJ Marquardt, LW Brown, WJ Casper
Journal of Business Ethics 151, 599-612, 2018
The hidden family lives of single adults without dependent children
WJ Casper, DJ Marquardt, KJ Roberto, C Buss
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Coming to America: work visas, international diversity, and organizational attractiveness among highly skilled Asian immigrants
JR Lambert, DA Basuil, MP Bell, DJ Marquardt
The International Journal of Human Resource Management 30 (15), 2293-2319, 2019
The effects of CEO activism on employees person‐organization ideological misfit: a conceptual model and research agenda
LW Brown, JG Manegold, DJ Marquardt
Business and Society Review 125 (1), 119-141, 2020
Integrating relational systems theory with ethical leadership: how ethical leadership relates to employee turnover intentions
DJ Marquardt, J Manegold, LW Brown
Leadership & organization development journal 43 (1), 155-179, 2022
Does the economy affect functional restoration outcomes for patients with chronic disabling occupational musculoskeletal disorders?
MM Hartzell, TG Mayer, R Neblett, DJ Marquardt, RJ Gatchel
Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation 25, 378-386, 2015
A process model of ethical leadership: A meta-analysis
DJ Marquardt, LW Brown, H Vaziri, MM Butts
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The Hidden Family Lives of Single Adults Without Dependent Children
C Buss, WJ Casper, DJ Marquardt, KJ Roberto
The Oxford Handbook of Work and Family, 2016
An analysis of the interplay between goal orientation and ethical leadership and the theoretical processes through which ethical leadership influences work outcomes
DJ Marquardt
The University of Texas at Arlington, 2015
How Ethical Leadership Relates to Conflict and Turnover Intentions: A Relational Systems Approach
DJ Marquardt, JG Manegold, LW Brown
Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 (1), 17863, 2020
Examining the Effects of Race and Communication Style on Ethical Leadership Perceptions
DJ Marquardt, L Brown
Academy of Management Proceedings 2014 (1), 16875, 2014
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