Emily Studd
Emily Studd
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To everything there is a season: summer-to-winter food webs and the functional traits of keystone species
MM Humphries, EK Studd, AK Menzies, S Boutin
Integrative and Comparative Biology 57 (5), 961-976, 2017
Climate change increases predation risk for a keystone species of the boreal forest
MJL Peers, YN Majchrzak, AK Menzies, EK Studd, G Bastille-Rousseau, ...
Nature Climate Change 10 (12), 1149-1153, 2020
Behavioral classification of low‐frequency acceleration and temperature data from a free‐ranging small mammal
EK Studd, M Landry‐Cuerrier, AK Menzies, S Boutin, AG McAdam, ...
Ecology and Evolution 9 (1), 619-630, 2019
Use of acceleration and acoustics to classify behavior, generate time budgets, and evaluate responses to moonlight in free-ranging snowshoe hares
EK Studd, MR Boudreau, YN Majchrzak, AK Menzies, MJL Peers, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7, 154, 2019
Electrophysiological assessment of spectral sensitivity in adult Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus: evidence for violet sensitivity
TJ Lisney, E Studd, CW Hawryshyn
Journal of Experimental Biology 213 (9), 1453-1463, 2010
Nine maxims for the ecology of cold-climate winters
EK Studd, AE Bates, AJ Bramburger, T Fernandes, B Hayden, HAL Henry, ...
BioScience 71 (8), 820-830, 2021
Short‐term effect of helicopter‐based capture on movements of a social ungulate
TS Jung, SM Konkolics, PM Kukka, YN Majchrzak, AK Menzies, ...
The Journal of Wildlife Management 83 (4), 830-837, 2019
The Purr‐fect Catch: Using accelerometers and audio recorders to document kill rates and hunting behaviour of a small prey specialist
EK Studd, RE Derbyshire, AK Menzies, JF Simms, MM Humphries, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12 (7), 1277-1287, 2021
Body temperature, heart rate, and activity patterns of two boreal homeotherms in winter: homeostasis, allostasis, and ecological coexistence
AK Menzies, EK Studd, YN Majchrzak, MJL Peers, S Boutin, B Dantzer, ...
Functional Ecology 34 (11), 2292-2301, 2020
North American red squirrels mitigate costs of territory defence through social plasticity
ER Siracusa, DR Wilson, EK Studd, S Boutin, MM Humphries, B Dantzer, ...
Animal behaviour 151, 29-42, 2019
Predators, energetics and fitness drive neonatal reproductive failure in red squirrels
EK Studd, S Boutin, AG McAdam, CJ Krebs, MM Humphries
Journal of Animal Ecology 84 (1), 249-259, 2015
Prey availability and ambient temperature influence carrion persistence in the boreal forest
MJL Peers, SM Konkolics, CT Lamb, YN Majchrzak, AK Menzies, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 89 (9), 2156-2167, 2020
Nest attendance of lactating red squirrels ( Tamiasciurus hudsonicus ): influences of biological and environmental correlates
EK Studd, S Boutin, AG McAdam, MM Humphries
Journal of Mammalogy 97 (3), 806-814, 2016
Optimisation of energetic and reproductive gains explains behavioural responses to environmental variation across seasons and years
EK Studd, AK Menzies, ER Siracusa, B Dantzer, JE Lane, AG McAdam, ...
Ecology Letters 23 (5), 841-850, 2020
Density estimates for Canada lynx vary among estimation methods
D Doran‐Myers, AJ Kenney, CJ Krebs, CT Lamb, AK Menzies, D Murray, ...
Ecosphere 12 (10), e03774, 2021
Frozen out: Unanswered questions about winter biology
AO Sutton, EK Studd, T Fernandes, AE Bates, AJ Bramburger, SJ Cooke, ...
Environmental Reviews 29 (4), 431-442, 2021
Balancing food acquisition and predation risk drives demographic changes in snowshoe hare population cycles
YN Majchrzak, MJL Peers, EK Studd, AK Menzies, PD Walker, ...
Ecology Letters 25 (4), 981-991, 2022
Food availability and long‐term predation risk interactively affect antipredator response
S Shiratsuru, YN Majchrzak, MJL Peers, EK Studd, AK Menzies, ...
Ecology 102 (9), e03456, 2021
Vertebrate scavenging dynamics differ between carnivore and herbivore carcasses in the northern boreal forest
MJL Peers, SM Konkolics, YN Majchrzak, AK Menzies, EK Studd, ...
Ecosphere 12 (8), e03691, 2021
Environmental and biological correlates of maternal investement in red squirrels
E Studd
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