Laurent Daudet
Laurent Daudet
Professor of physics, Paris Cité University / Co-CEO at LightOn
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Machine learning and the physical sciences
G Carleo, I Cirac, K Cranmer, L Daudet, M Schuld, N Tishby, ...
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A tutorial on onset detection in music signals
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Random projections through multiple optical scattering: Approximating kernels at the speed of light
A Saade, F Caltagirone, I Carron, L Daudet, A Drémeau, S Gigan, ...
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Kernel additive models for source separation
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Parametric dictionary design for sparse coding
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L Daudet
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L Daudet, B Torrésani
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Instrument-specific harmonic atoms for mid-level music representation
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Methodology and Tools for the evaluation of automatic onset detection algorithms in music.
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MDCT analysis of sinusoids: exact results and applications to coding artifacts reduction
L Daudet, M Sandler
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Convex optimization approaches for blind sensor calibration using sparsity
Ç Bilen, G Puy, R Gribonval, L Daudet
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Sparse linear regression with structured priors and application to denoising of musical audio
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Automatic piano transcription using frequency and time-domain information
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Boltzmann machine and mean-field approximation for structured sparse decompositions
A Drémeau, C Herzet, L Daudet
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Union of MDCT bases for audio coding
E Ravelli, G Richard, L Daudet
IEEE Transactions on audio, speech, and language processing 16 (8), 1361-1372, 2008
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