Alexander Kuhn
Alexander Kuhn
Graphics Engineer, NVIDIA
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Spectral proper orthogonal decomposition
M Sieber, K Oberleithner, CO Paschereit
arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.04642, 2015
Large‐eddy simulations over Germany using ICON: A comprehensive evaluation
R Heinze, A Dipankar, CC Henken, C Moseley, O Sourdeval, S Trömel, ...
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 143 (702), 69-100, 2017
The state of the art in topology‐based visualization of unsteady flow
A Pobitzer, R Peikert, R Fuchs, B Schindler, A Kuhn, H Theisel, ...
Computer Graphics Forum 30 (6), 1789-1811, 2011
Blood flow clustering and applications invirtual stenting of intracranial aneurysms
S Oeltze, DJ Lehmann, A Kuhn, G Janiga, H Theisel, B Preim
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On the way towards topology-based visualization of unsteady flow-the state of the art
A Pobitzer, R Peikert, R Fuchs, B Schindler, A Kuhn, H Theisel, ...
H. und E. Reinhard (Hrsg.), Eurographics, 2010
Crowd violence detection using global motion-compensated lagrangian features and scale-sensitive video-level representation
T Senst, V Eiselein, A Kuhn, T Sikora
IEEE transactions on information forensics and security 12 (12), 2945-2956, 2017
A lagrangian framework for video analytics
A Kuhn, T Senst, I Keller, T Sikora, H Theisel
2012 IEEE 14th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP …, 2012
Detecting people carrying objects utilizing lagrangian dynamics
T Senst, A Kuhn, H Theisel, T Sikora
2012 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based …, 2012
A benchmark for evaluating FTLE computations
A Kuhn, C Rössl, T Weinkauf, H Theisel
2012 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, 121-128, 2012
A Clustering-based Visualization Technique to Emphasize Meaningful Regions of Vector Fields.
A Kuhn, DJ Lehmann, R Gasteiger, M Neugebauer, B Preim, H Theisel
VMV 2011, 191-198, 2011
Large-eddy simulations over Germany using ICON: a comprehensive evaluation, QJ Roy. Meteor. Soc., 143, 69–100
R Heinze, A Dipankar, CC Henken, C Moseley, O Sourdeval, S Trömel, ...
Mass‐dependent integral curves in unsteady vector fields
T Günther, A Kuhn, B Kutz, H Theisel
Computer Graphics Forum 32 (3pt2), 211-220, 2013
Human action recognition using lagrangian descriptors
E Acar, T Senst, A Kuhn, I Keller, H Theisel, S Albayrak, T Sikora
2012 IEEE 14th international workshop on multimedia signal processing (MMSP …, 2012
Numerical examination of a model rotor in brownout conditions
BM Kutz, T Günther, A Rumpf, A Kuhn
Proceedings of the American Helicopter Society, 2014-000343, 2014
Global optimization of complex optical structures using Bayesian optimization based on Gaussian processes
PI Schneider, XG Santiago, C Rockstuhl, S Burger
Digital Optical Technologies 2017 10335, 103350O, 2017
MCFTLE: Monte Carlo rendering of finite‐time Lyapunov exponent fields
T Günther, A Kuhn, H Theisel
Computer Graphics Forum 35 (3), 381-390, 2016
Trajectory Density Projection for Vector Field Visualization.
A Kuhn, N Lindow, T Günther, A Wiebel, H Theisel, HC Hege
EuroVis (Short Papers), 2013
Time line cell tracking for the approximation of Lagrangian coherent structures with subgrid accuracy
A Kuhn, W Engelke, C Rössl, M Hadwiger, H Theisel
Computer Graphics Forum 33 (1), 222-234, 2014
Topology-based Analysis for Multimodal Atmospheric Data of Volcano Eruptions
A Kuhn, W Engelke, M Flatken, HC Hege, I Hotz
2011 ieee visualization contest winner: Visualizing unsteady vortical behavior of a centrifugal pump
M Otto, A Kuhn, W Engelke, H Theisel
IEEE computer graphics and applications 32 (5), 12-19, 2012
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