Jennifer Goodman
Jennifer Goodman
Associate Professor, Audencia Business School
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Our collaborative future: Activities and roles of stakeholders in sustainability‐oriented innovation
J Goodman, A Korsunova, M Halme
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Social Shareholder Engagement: The Dynamics of Voice and Exit
J Goodman, C Louche, KC van Cranenburgh, D Arenas
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J Goodman, D Arenas
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D Arenas, L Albareda, J Goodman
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Religious Organisations as Investors: a Christian Perspective on Shareholder Engagement
KC van Cranenburgh, D Arenas, J Goodman, C Louche
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Democracy in political corporate social responsibility: A dynamic, multilevel account
J Goodman, J Mäkinen
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Transformations in Shareholder Activism: Past, Present, and Future
C Girard-Guerraud, J Goodman, C Louche
Recent Trends in Financial Engineering: Towards More Sustainable Social …, 2023
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Religious organizations as shareholders: salience and empowerment
J Goodman
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A Korsunova, M Halme, J Goodman
31st European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium (EGOS), Athens …, 2015
Believers in the boardroom: Religious organisations and their shareholder engagement practices
KC van Cranenburgh, J Goodman, C Louche, D Arenas
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Sustainability-Oriented Innovation with Stakeholders: Achieving System Level Impacts
J Goodman, JK Juntunen, M Halme
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Innovating in search of sustainability: Citizens, companies and entrepreneurs
S Ruiz, D Arenas, J Goodman, S Hai
Esade-Institute for Social Innovation. https://www. slideshare. net/ESADE …, 2016
Corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility: A political perspective
J Goodman, J Mäkinen
European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium, 2016
A Discourse Ethics Approach To Social Shareholder Engagement: Developing A Normative Perspective
J Goodman, D Arenas
Academy of Management Proceedings, SIM Best Papers 2014 (1), 1476-1481, 2014
Conflicts in the framing of conflicts: The case of community investment in a mining company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo [Conflits dans l'encadrement des conflits …
JF Mària, J Goodman
HAL Post-Print, 2023
Conflicts in the framing of conflicts: The case of community investment in a mining company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
JF Mària, J Goodman
Journal of International Development 35 (5), 671-687, 2023
Sustainability-Oriented Innovation for System-Level Impact
J Goodman, M Halme, JK Juntunen
Academy of Management Proceedings 2023 (1), 12256, 2023
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