Jefferson Cuadra
Jefferson Cuadra
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Damage quantification in polymer composites using a hybrid NDT approach
J Cuadra, PA Vanniamparambil, K Hazeli, I Bartoli, A Kontsos
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PA Vanniamparambil, I Bartoli, K Hazeli, J Cuadra, E Schwartz, ...
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N Castaneda, B Wisner, J Cuadra, S Amini, A Kontsos
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 98, 76-89, 2017
Maximizing Young's modulus of aminated nanodiamond-epoxy composites measured in compression
I Neitzel, VN Mochalin, J Niu, J Cuadra, A Kontsos, GR Palmese, ...
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Acoustic emission source modeling using a data-driven approach
J Cuadra, PA Vanniamparambil, D Servansky, I Bartoli, A Kontsos
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Novel optico‐acoustic nondestructive testing for wire break detection in cables
PA Vanniamparambil, F Khan, K Hazeli, J Cuadra, E Schwartz, A Kontsos, ...
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Effect of proximity of features on the damage threshold during submicron additive manufacturing via two-photon polymerization
SK Saha, C Divin, JA Cuadra, RM Panas
Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing 5 (3), 2017
Radiopaque resists for two-photon lithography to enable submicron 3D imaging of polymer parts via X-ray computed tomography
SK Saha, JS Oakdale, JA Cuadra, C Divin, J Ye, JB Forien, LB Bayu Aji, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (1), 1164-1172, 2018
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Processing-structure–property relationships of SWNT–epoxy composites prepared using ionic liquids
A Watters, J Cuadra, A Kontsos, G Palmese
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An active–passive acoustics approach for bond-line condition monitoring in aerospace skin stiffener panels
PA Vanniamparambil, R Carmi, F Khan, J Cuadra, I Bartoli, A Kontsos
Aerospace Science and Technology 43, 289-300, 2015
Kinematic fixtures to enable multi-material printing and rapid non-destructive inspection during two-photon lithography
SK Saha, TM Uphaus, JA Cuadra, C Divin, IS Ladner, KG Enstrom, ...
Precision Engineering 54, 131-137, 2018
The use of digital image correlation for non-destructive and multi-scale damage quantification
E Schwartz, R Saralaya, J Cuadra, K Hazeli, PA Vanniamparambil, ...
Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and …, 2013
Validation of a cyclic plasticity computational method using fatigue full‐field deformation measurements
J Cuadra, KP Baxevanakis, A Loghin, A Kontsos
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Acoustic emission and digital image correlation as complementary techniques for laboratory and field research
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In situ CTE measurements and damage detection using optical metrology
S Rajaram, J Cuadra, R Saralaya, I Bartoli, A Kontsos
Measurement Science and Technology 27 (2), 025202, 2015
Quantification of porosity and microstructure and their effect on quasi-static and dynamic behavior of additively manufactured Inconel 718
BB Babamiri, J Indeck, G Demeneghi, J Cuadra, K Hazeli
Additive Manufacturing 34, 101380, 2020
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