Ashwin Lall
Ashwin Lall
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Data streaming algorithms for estimating entropy of network traffic
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Regret-minimizing representative databases
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Online generation of locality sensitive hash signatures
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Interactive regret minimization
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Device and method for detecting and diagnosing correlated network anomalies
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Probabilistic counting with randomized storage
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Streaming pointwise mutual information
B Durme, A Lall
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Efficient k-regret query algorithm with restriction-free bound for any dimensionality
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Global iceberg detection over distributed data streams
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Data streaming algorithms for the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
A Lall
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Exponential reservoir sampling for streaming language models
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An experimental survey of regret minimization query and variants: bridging the best worlds between top-k query and skyline query
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Social network monetization via sponsored viral marketing
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Uncovering global icebergs in distributed streams: Results and implications
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Dense subgraphs on dynamic networks
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Strongly truthful interactive regret minimization
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A simpler and better design of error estimating coding
N Hua, A Lall, B Li, J Xu
2012 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM, 235-243, 2012
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