Mikko Kiljunen
Mikko Kiljunen
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A revised model for lipid‐normalizing δ13C values from aquatic organisms, with implications for isotope mixing models
M Kiljunen, J Grey, T Sinisalo, C Harrod, H Immonen, RI Jones
Journal of Applied Ecology 43 (6), 1213-1222, 2006
Dietary ontogeny and niche shift to piscivory in lacustrine brown trout Salmo trutta revealed by stomach content and stable isotope analyses
H Jensen, M Kiljunen, PA Amundsen
Journal of fish biology 80 (7), 2448-2462, 2012
Biomagnification of organohalogens in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) from its main prey species in three areas of the Baltic Sea
PJ Vuorinen, M Keinänen, H Kiviranta, J Koistinen, M Kiljunen, T Myllylä, ...
Science of the Total Environment 421, 129-143, 2012
Adaptive radiation along a thermal gradient: preliminary results of habitat use and respiration rate divergence among whitefish morphs
KK Kahilainen, WP Patterson, E Sonninen, C Harrod, M Kiljunen
PLoS One 9 (11), 2014
Trophic transfer of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in a boreal lake ecosystem: Testing of bioaccumulation models
K Figueiredo, K Mäenpää, MT Leppänen, M Kiljunen, M Lyytikäinen, ...
Science of the total environment 466, 690-698, 2014
Does lake thermocline depth affect methyl mercury concentrations in fish?
M Rask, M Verta, M Korhonen, S Salo, M Forsius, L Arvola, RI Jones, ...
Biogeochemistry 101 (1-3), 311-322, 2010
Accumulation of organochlorines in Baltic Sea fishes
M Kiljunen
Jyväskylä studies in biological and environmental science, 2007
Survival and growth of brown trout Salmo trutta L. embryos and the timing of hatching and emergence in two boreal lake outlet streams
J Syrjänen, M Kiljunen, J Karjalainen, A Eloranta, T Muotka
Journal of Fish Biology 72 (4), 985-1000, 2008
Invasive crayfish increase habitat connectivity: a case study in a large boreal lake
TJ Ruokonen, M Kiljunen, J Karjalainen, H Hämäläinen
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, 08, 2012
Migratory connectivity of two Baltic Sea salmon populations: retrospective analysis using stable isotopes of scales
J Torniainen, PJ Vuorinen, RI Jones, M Keinänen, S Palm, KAM Vuori, ...
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Winter food utilisation by sympatric mysids in the Baltic Sea, studied by combined gut content and stable isotope analyses
M Lehtiniemi, M Kiljunen, RI Jones
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Predicting effects of exploitation rate on weight-at-age, population dynamics, and bioaccumulation of PCDD/Fs and PCBs in herring (Clupea harengus L.) in the Northern Baltic Sea
H Peltonen, M Kiljunen, H Kiviranta, PJ Vuorinen, M Verta, J Karjalainen
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Food‐web structure and mercury dynamics in a large subarctic lake following multiple species introductions
SM Thomas, M Kiljunen, T Malinen, AP Eloranta, PA Amundsen, ...
Freshwater Biology 61 (4), 500-517, 2016
Oxygen and carbon isoscapes for the Baltic Sea: Testing their applicability in fish migration studies
J Torniainen, A Lensu, PJ Vuorinen, E Sonninen, M Keinänen, RI Jones, ...
Ecology and evolution 7 (7), 2255-2267, 2017
Do introduced crayfish affect benthic fish in stony littoral habitats of large boreal lakes?
TJ Ruokonen, J Karjalainen, M Kiljunen, M Pursiainen, H Hämäläinen
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Coupling stable isotopes with bioenergetics to evaluate sources of variation in organochlorine concentrations in Baltic salmon (Salmo salar)
M Kiljunen, H Peltonen, RI Jones, H Kiviranta, PJ Vuorinen, M Verta, ...
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Distribution of herbivorous fish is frozen by low temperature
I Vejříková, L Vejřík, J Syväranta, M Kiljunen, M Čech, P Blabolil, M Vašek, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-11, 2016
Managing the dioxin problem in the Baltic region with focus on sources to air and fish
K Wiberg, AT Assefa, KL Sundqvist, IT Cousins, J Johansson, ...
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Report 6566, 2013
Stock‐specific variation of trophic position, diet and environmental stress markers in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar during feeding migrations in the Baltic Sea
K Vuori, M Kiljunen, M Kanerva, ML Koljonen, M Nikinmaa
Journal of fish biology 81 (6), 1815-1833, 2012
Human dietary intake of organochlorines from Baltic herring: implications of individual fish variability and fisheries management
M Kiljunen, M Vanhatalo, S Mäntyniemi, H Peltonen, S Kuikka, H Kiviranta, ...
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment 36 (2), 257-264, 2007
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