Eric A. Jägle
Eric A. Jägle
University of the Bundeswehr Munich
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Hot cracking mechanism affecting a non-weldable Ni-based superalloy produced by selective electron Beam Melting
E Chauvet, P Kontis, EA Jägle, B Gault, D Raabe, C Tassin, JJ Blandin, ...
Acta Materialia 142, 82-94, 2018
Precipitation and austenite reversion behavior of a maraging steel produced by selective laser melting
EA Jägle, PP Choi, J Van Humbeeck, D Raabe
Journal of Materials Research 29 (17), 2072, 2014
Intrinsic and extrinsic size effects in the deformation of amorphous CuZr/nanocrystalline Cu nanolaminates
W Guo, E Jägle, J Yao, V Maier, S Korte-Kerzel, JM Schneider, D Raabe
Acta materialia 80, 94-106, 2014
Shear-induced mixing governs codeformation of crystalline-amorphous nanolaminates
W Guo, EA Jägle, PP Choi, J Yao, A Kostka, JM Schneider, D Raabe
Physical Review Letters 113 (3), 035501, 2014
Massive nanoprecipitation in an Fe-19Ni-xAl maraging steel triggered by the intrinsic heat treatment during laser metal deposition
P Kürnsteiner, MB Wilms, A Weisheit, P Barriobero-Vila, EA Jägle, ...
Acta Materialia 129, 52-60, 2017
Precipitation reactions in age-hardenable alloys during laser additive manufacturing
EA Jägle, Z Sheng, L Wu, L Lu, J Risse, A Weisheit, D Raabe
Jom 68 (3), 943-949, 2016
Comparison of maraging steel micro-and nanostructure produced conventionally and by laser additive manufacturing
EA Jägle, Z Sheng, P Kürnsteiner, S Ocylok, A Weisheit, D Raabe
Materials 10 (1), 8, 2017
Kinetics of the allotropic hcp–fcc phase transformation in cobalt
R Bauer, EA Jägle, W Baumann, EJ Mittemeijer
Philosophical Magazine 91 (3), 437-457, 2011
Steels in additive manufacturing: A review of their microstructure and properties
P Bajaj, A Hariharan, A Kini, P Kürnsteiner, D Raabe, EA Jägle
Materials Science and Engineering: A 772, 138633, 2020
Characterizing solute hydrogen and hydrides in pure and alloyed titanium at the atomic scale
Y Chang, AJ Breen, Z Tarzimoghadam, P Kürnsteiner, H Gardner, ...
Acta Materialia 150, 273-280, 2018
The role of lattice defects, element partitioning and intrinsic heat effects on the microstructure in selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4V
J Haubrich, J Gussone, P Barriobero-Vila, P Kürnsteiner, EA Jägle, ...
Acta Materialia 167, 136-148, 2019
Efficient additive manufacturing production of oxide-and nitride-dispersion-strengthened materials through atmospheric reactions in liquid metal deposition
H Springer, C Baron, A Szczepaniak, EA Jägle, MB Wilms, A Weisheit, ...
Materials & Design 111, 60-69, 2016
The maximum separation cluster analysis algorithm for atom-probe tomography: Parameter determination and accuracy
EA Jägle, PP Choi, D Raabe
Microscopy and Microanalysis 20 (6), 1662-1671, 2014
The kinetics of grain-boundary nucleated phase transformations: Simulations and modelling
EA Jägle, EJ Mittemeijer
Acta materialia 59 (14), 5775-5786, 2011
Combinatorial alloy design by laser additive manufacturing
H Knoll, S Ocylok, A Weisheit, H Springer, E Jägle, D Raabe
steel research international 88 (8), 1600416, 2017
The Kinetics of and the Microstructure Induced by the Recrystallization of Copper
EA Jägle, EJ Mittemeijer
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 43 (4), 1117-1131, 2012
Microstructural influences on strengthening in a naturally aged and overaged Al–Cu–Li–Mg based alloy
H Ovri, EA Jägle, A Stark, ET Lilleodden
Materials Science and Engineering: A 637, 162-169, 2015
Synthesis and stabilization of a new phase regime in a Mo-Si-B based alloy by laser-based additive manufacturing
SK Makineni, AR Kini, EA Jägle, H Springer, D Raabe, B Gault
Acta Materialia 151, 31-40, 2018
Deformation induced alloying in crystalline–metallic glass nano-composites
W Guo, J Yao, EA Jägle, PP Choi, M Herbig, JM Schneider, D Raabe
Materials Science and Engineering: A 628, 269-280, 2015
Predictive process parameter selection for Selective Laser Melting Manufacturing: Applications to high thermal conductivity alloys
P Bajaj, J Wright, I Todd, EA Jägle
Additive Manufacturing 27, 246-258, 2019
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