Benjamin Cole
Benjamin Cole
DOE-Joint Genome Institute
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Cryptochromes interact directly with PIFs to control plant growth in limiting blue light
UV Pedmale, SC Huang, M Zander, BJ Cole, J Hetzel, K Ljung, PAB Reis, ...
Cell 164 (1), 233-245, 2016
Linking photoreceptor excitation to changes in plant architecture
L Li, K Ljung, G Breton, RJ Schmitz, J Pruneda-Paz, C Cowing-Zitron, ...
Genes & development 26 (8), 785-790, 2012
High-throughput single-cell transcriptome profiling of plant cell types
CN Shulse, BJ Cole, D Ciobanu, J Lin, Y Yoshinaga, M Gouran, GM Turco, ...
Cell reports 27 (7), 2241-2247. e4, 2019
Genome-wide identification of bacterial plant colonization genes
BJ Cole, ME Feltcher, RJ Waters, KM Wetmore, TS Mucyn, EM Ryan, ...
PLoS Biology 15 (9), e2002860, 2017
A single-cell Arabidopsis root atlas reveals developmental trajectories in wild-type and cell identity mutants
R Shahan, CW Hsu, TM Nolan, BJ Cole, IW Taylor, L Greenstreet, ...
Developmental cell 57 (4), 543-560. e9, 2022
Transcriptomic analysis of field-droughted sorghum from seedling to maturity reveals biotic and metabolic responses
N Varoquaux, B Cole, C Gao, G Pierroz, CR Baker, D Patel, M Madera, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (52), 27124-27132, 2019
Subset of heat-shock transcription factors required for the early response of Arabidopsis to excess light
HS Jung, PA Crisp, GM Estavillo, B Cole, F Hong, TC Mockler, BJ Pogson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (35), 14474-14479, 2013
Plant Metabolic Network 15: A resource of genome‐wide metabolism databases for 126 plants and algae
C Hawkins, D Ginzburg, K Zhao, W Dwyer, B Xue, A Xu, S Rice, B Cole, ...
Journal of integrative plant biology 63 (11), 1888-1905, 2021
Molecular mechanisms driving switch behavior in xylem cell differentiation
GM Turco, J Rodriguez-Medina, S Siebert, D Han, ...
Cell reports 28 (2), 342-351. e4, 2019
Automated analysis of hypocotyl growth dynamics during shade avoidance in Arabidopsis
B Cole, SA Kay, J Chory
The Plant Journal 65 (6), 991-1000, 2011
Multilab EcoFAB study shows highly reproducible physiology and depletion of soil metabolites by a model grass
J Sasse, J Kant, BJ Cole, AP Klein, B Arsova, P Schlaepfer, J Gao, ...
New Phytologist 222 (2), 1149-1160, 2019
Vision, challenges and opportunities for a Plant Cell Atlas
SG Jha, AT Borowsky, BJ Cole, N Fahlgren, A Farmer, SC Huang, P Karia, ...
Elife 10, e66877, 2021
Daily changes in temperature, not the circadian clock, regulate growth rate in Brachypodium distachyon
DA Matos, BJ Cole, IP Whitney, KJM MacKinnon, SA Kay, SP Hazen
PLoS One 9 (6), e100072, 2014
Plant single-cell solutions for energy and the environment
B Cole, D Bergmann, CE Blaby-Haas, IK Blaby, KE Bouchard, SM Brady, ...
Communications biology 4 (1), 962, 2021
Single-cell profiling of Arabidopsis leaves to Pseudomonas syringae infection
J Zhu, S Lolle, A Tang, B Guel, B Kvitko, B Cole, G Coaker
Cell reports 42 (7), 2023
Alpha helical crossovers favor right‐handed supersecondary structures by kinetic trapping: The phone cord effect in protein folding
BJ Cole, C Bystroff
Protein Science 18 (8), 1602-1608, 2009
Successional adaptive strategies revealed by correlating arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal abundance with host plant gene expression
C Gao, PE Courty, N Varoquaux, B Cole, L Montoya, L Xu, E Purdom, ...
Molecular Ecology 32 (10), 2674-2687, 2023
Changes in ambient temperature are the prevailing cue in determining Brachypodium distachyon diurnal gene regulation
KJM MacKinnon, BJ Cole, C Yu, JH Coomey, NT Hartwick, ...
New Phytologist 227 (6), 1709-1724, 2020
Best practices for the execution, analysis, and data storage of plant single-cell/nucleus transcriptomics
C Grones, T Eekhout, D Shi, M Neumann, LS Berg, Y Ke, R Shahan, ...
The Plant Cell 36 (4), 812-828, 2024
Toward a data infrastructure for the Plant Cell Atlas
N Fahlgren, M Kapoor, G Yordanova, I Papatheodorou, J Waese, B Cole, ...
Plant Physiology 191 (1), 35-46, 2023
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