Terhi K Laurila
Terhi K Laurila
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Characterizing ultrathin and thick organic layers by surface plasmon resonance three-wavelength and waveguide mode analysis
N Granqvist, H Liang, T Laurila, J Sadowski, M Yliperttula, T Viitala
Langmuir 29 (27), 8561-8571, 2013
Monoterpenes' oxidation capacity and rate over a boreal forest: temporal variation and connection to growth of newly formed particles
O Peräkylä, M Vogt, OP Tikkanen, T Laurila, MK Kajos, PA Rantala, ...
Boreal Environment Research, 2014
Anthropogenic and biogenic influence on VOC fluxes at an urban background site in Helsinki, Finland
P Rantala, L Järvi, R Taipale, TK Laurila, J Patokoski, MK Kajos, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2016
Communicating the amount of windstorm induced forest damage by the maximum wind gust speed in Finland
H Valta, I Lehtonen, TK Laurila, A Venäläinen, M Laapas, H Gregow
Advances in Science and Research 16, 31-37, 2019
The Extratropical Transition of Hurricane Debby (1982) and the Subsequent Development of an Intense Windstorm over Finland
TK Laurila, VA Sinclair, H Gregow
Monthly weather review 148 (1), 377-401, 2020
Mapping users' expectations regarding extended-range forecasts.
T Ervasti, H Gregow, A Vajda, TK Laurila, A Mäkelä
Advances in Science & Research 15, 2018
Meteotsunami occurrence in the Gulf of Finland over the past century
H Pellikka, TK Laurila, H Boman, A Karjalainen, JV Björkqvist, KK Kahma
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 20 (9), 2535-2546, 2020
Historical Time Series of Extreme Convective Weather in Finland
TK Laurila, A Mäkelä, J Rauhala, T Olsson, K Jylhä
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2016, A41C-0059, 2016
Salamahavainnot 2010-Lightning observations in Finland, 2010
A Mäkelä
Review on winds, extratropical cyclones and their impacts in Northern Europe and Finland
H Gregow, TK Laurila, A Mäkelä, M Rantanen
Finnish Meteorological Institute, 2020
Novel Extended-Range Storm Impact Outlooks for Finland
TK Laurila, O Hyvärinen, A Mäkelä, A Vajda, H Gregow
98th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 2018
Significant-hail producing thunderstorms in Finland: Synoptic environment
J Rauhala, T Laurila, A Mäkelä, K Jylhä
Severe sea-effect snowfall on Finnish coasts
T Olsson, T Perttula, P Jokinen, A Luomaranta, M Kämäräinen, T Laurila, ...
Extratropical transition and characteristics of storm Mauri in September 1982
T Laurila
Helsingfors universitet, 2016
Verification of six-week forecasts in Finland with reanalysis data
N Korhonen, O Hyvärinen, T Laurila, A Vajda, H Gregow
Monoterpenes’ oxidation capacity and rate over a boreal forest: temporal variation and connection to new particle formation
O Peräkylä, M Vogt, T Laurila, MK Kajos, PA Rantala, J Patokoski, J Aalto
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