Abderrahim Elmoataz
Abderrahim Elmoataz
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Nonlocal discrete regularization on weighted graphs: a framework for image and manifold processing
A Elmoataz, O Lezoray, S Bougleux
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Borg: A knowledge-based system for automatic generation of image processing programs
R Clouard, A Elmoataz, C Porquet, M Revenu
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Discrete regularization on weighted graphs for image and mesh filtering
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On the -Laplacian and -Laplacian on Graphs with Applications in Image and Data Processing
A Elmoataz, M Toutain, D Tenbrinck
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Graph regularization for color image processing
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Eikonal equation adaptation on weighted graphs: fast geometric diffusion process for local and non-local image and data processing
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Multiscale convolutional neural networks for vision–based classification of cells
P Buyssens, A Elmoataz, O Lézoray
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Partial difference operators on weighted graphs for image processing on surfaces and point clouds
F Lozes, A Elmoataz, O Lézoray
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 23 (9), 3896-3909, 2014
Segmentation of cytological image using color and mathematical morphology
O Lezoray, A Elmoataz, H Cardot, G Gougeon, M Lecluse, H Elie, ...
A color object recognition scheme: application to cellular sorting
O Lezoray, A Elmoataz, H Cardot
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Non-Local Morphological PDEs and -Laplacian Equation on Graphs With Applications in Image Processing and Machine Learning
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Generalized region growing operator with optimal scanning: application to segmentation of breast cancer images
P Belhomme, A Elmoataz, P Herlin, D Bloyet
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A comparison of supervised pixels-based color image segmentation methods. application in cancerology
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Automated region of interest retrieval and classification using spectral analysis
M Oger, P Belhomme, J Klossa, JJ Michels, A Elmoataz
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An improved image segmentation approach based on level set and mathematical morphology
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A graph approach to color mathematical morphology
O Lezoray, C Meurie, A Elmoataz
Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing …, 2005
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