Matteo Fraschini
Matteo Fraschini
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The effect of epoch length on estimated EEG functional connectivity and brain network organisation
M Fraschini, M Demuru, A Crobe, F Marrosu, C Stam, A Hillebrand
Journal of Neural Engineering 13 (3), 2016
An EEG-based biometric system using eigenvector centrality in resting state brain networks
M Fraschini, A Hillebrand, M Demuru, L Didaci, G Marcialis
A Comparison Between Scalp-And Source-Reconstructed EEG Networks
M Lai, M Demuru, A Hillebrand, M Fraschini
Scientific Reports 8 (12269), 8, 2018
Contrast enhancement of microcalcifications in mammograms using morphological enhancement and non-flat structuring elements
M Wirth, M Fraschini, J Lyon
Proceedings. 17th IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, 134-139, 2004
The re-organization of functional brain networks in pharmaco-resistant epileptic patients who respond to VNS
M Fraschini, M Demuru, M Puligheddu, S Floridia, L Polizzi, A Maleci, ...
Neuroscience letters 580, 153-157, 2014
VNS induced desynchronization in gamma bands correlates with positive clinical outcome in temporal lobe pharmacoresistant epilepsy
M Fraschini, M Puligheddu, M Demuru, L Polizzi, A Maleci, G Tamburini, ...
Neuroscience Letters, 2013
Brain network analysis of EEG functional connectivity during imagery hand movements
M Demuru, F Fara, M Fraschini
Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, 2013
“Physiological” renal regenerating medicine in VLBW preterm infants: could a dream come true?
D Fanni, C Gerosa, S Nemolato, C Mocci, G Pichiri, P Coni, T Congiu, ...
The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine 25 (sup3), 41-48, 2012
Performance evaluation in image processing
M Wirth, M Fraschini, M Masek, M Bruynooghe
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2006, 1-3, 2006
Multiple organ failure syndrome in the newborn: morphological and immunohistochemical data
G Faa, D Fanni, C Gerosa, S Nemolato, A Faa, E Obinu, E Puxeddu, ...
The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine 25 (sup5), 68-71, 2012
Fusion of physiological measures for multimodal biometric systems
S Barra, A Casanova, M Fraschini, M Nappi
Multimedia Tools and Applications 76 (4), 4835–4847, 2017
Minimum spanning tree and K-core decomposition as measure of subject-specific EEG traits
A Crobe, M Demuru, L Didaci, GL Marcialis, M Fraschini
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 2016
Changes in MEG resting-state networks are related to cognitive decline in type 1 diabetes mellitus patients
M Demuru, E van Duinkerken, M Fraschini, F Marrosu, FJ Snoek, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical, 2014
CINtec PLUS immunocytochemistry as a tool for the cytologic diagnosis of glandular lesions of the cervix uteri
A Ravarino, S Nemolato, E Macciocu, M Fraschini, G Senes, G Faa, ...
American journal of clinical pathology 138 (5), 652-656, 2012
Mammographic masses classification: novel and simple signal analysis method
M Fraschini
Electronics letters 47 (1), 14-15, 2011
EEG functional network topology is associated with disability in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
M Fraschini, M Demuru, H Hillebrand, L Cuccu, S Porcu, F Di Stefano, ...
Scientific Reports, 2016
Thymosin beta 4 expression in normal skin, colon mucosa and in tumor infiltrating mast cells
S Nemolato, T Cabras, MU Fanari, F Cau, M Fraschini, B Manconi, ...
European journal of histochemistry: EJH 54 (1), 2010
Robustness of functional connectivity metrics for EEG-based personal identification over task-induced intra-class and inter-class variations
M Fraschini, SM Pani, L Didaci, GL Marcialis
Pattern Recognition Letters, 2019
The effect of mammogram databases on algorithm performance
M Wirth, J Lyon, M Fraschini, D Nikitenko
Proceedings. 17th IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, 15-20, 2004
Experimental results on Multi-modal Fusion of EEG-based personal verification algorithms
M Garau, M Fraschini, L Didaci, GL Marcialis
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