Sue Anne Zollinger
Sue Anne Zollinger
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The evolution of the Lombard effect: 100 years of psychoacoustic research
H Brumm, SA Zollinger
Behaviour 148 (11-13), 1173-1198, 2011
Bird song and anthropogenic noise: vocal constraints may explain why birds sing higher-frequency songs in cities
E Nemeth, N Pieretti, SA Zollinger, N Geberzahn, J Partecke, AC Miranda, ...
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On the relationship between, and measurement of, amplitude and frequency in birdsong
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Producing song: the vocal apparatus
RA Suthers, SA Zollinger
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The lombard effect
SA Zollinger, H Brumm
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Developmental stress affects song learning but not song complexity and vocal amplitude in zebra finches
H Brumm, SA Zollinger, PJB Slater
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Universal mechanisms of sound production and control in birds and mammals
CPH Elemans, JH Rasmussen, CT Herbst, DN Düring, SA Zollinger, ...
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Avian vocal production in noise
H Brumm, SA Zollinger
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Traffic noise drowns out great tit alarm calls
CN Templeton, SA Zollinger, H Brumm
Current Biology 26 (22), R1173-R1174, 2016
Motor mechanisms of a vocal mimic: implications for birdsong production
SA Zollinger, RA Suthers
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2004
Two-voice complexity from a single side of the syrinx in northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos vocalizations
SA Zollinger, T Riede, RA Suthers
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On the evolution of noise-dependent vocal plasticity in birds
S Schuster, SA Zollinger, JA Lesku, H Brumm
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From brain to song: the vocal organ and vocal tract
RA Suthers, SA Zollinger
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Metabolic and respiratory costs of increasing song amplitude in zebra finches
SA Zollinger, F Goller, H Brumm
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Higher songs of city birds may not be an individual response to noise
SA Zollinger, PJB Slater, E Nemeth, H Brumm
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1860), 20170602, 2017
Measurement artefacts lead to false positives in the study of birdsong in noise
H Brumm, SA Zollinger, PT Niemelä, P Sprau
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8 (11), 1617-1625, 2017
Why birds sing loud songs and why they sometimes don't
SA Zollinger, H Brumm
Animal Behaviour 105, 289-295, 2015
Effect Sizes and the Integrative Understanding of Urban Bird Song: (A Reply to Slabbekoorn et al.)
E Nemeth, SA Zollinger, H Brumm
The American Naturalist 180 (1), 146-152, 2012
Vocal plasticity in a reptile
H Brumm, SA Zollinger
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1855), 20170451, 2017
Lombard effect onset times reveal the speed of vocal plasticity in a songbird
SI Hardman, SA Zollinger, K Koselj, S Leitner, RC Marshall, H Brumm
Journal of experimental biology 220 (6), 1065-1071, 2017
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