Michael Noetel
Michael Noetel
Muut nimetMichael Zorker
Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland
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A classification system for teachers’ motivational behaviors recommended in self-determination theory interventions.
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Combinations of physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleep duration and their associations with physical, psychological, and educational outcomes in children and …
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Information safety assurances increase intentions to use COVID-19 contact tracing applications, regardless of autonomy-supportive or controlling message framing
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Paths to the light and dark sides of human nature: A meta-analytic review of the prosocial benefits of autonomy and the antisocial costs of control.
JN Donald, EL Bradshaw, JH Conigrave, PD Parker, LL Byatt, M Noetel, ...
Psychological Bulletin 147 (9), 921, 2021
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