Georgios L. Georgalis
Georgios L. Georgalis
Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland
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A nomenclature for fossil and living turtles using phylogenetically defined clade names
WG Joyce, J Anquetin, EA Cadena, J Claude, IG Danilov, SW Evers, ...
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Turtles and tortoises of the world during the rise and global spread of humanity: first checklist and review of extinct Pleistocene and Holocene chelonians
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A review of the fossil record of Old World turtles of the clade Pan-Trionychidae
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Fossil amphibians and reptiles from the Neogene locality of Maramena (Greece), the most diverse European herpetofauna at the Miocene/Pliocene transition boundary
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The fossil turtles of Greece: an overview of taxonomy and distribution
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First description of a fossil chamaeleonid from Greece and its relevance for the European biogeographic history of the group
GL Georgalis, A Villa, M Delfino
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The last European varanid: demise and extinction of monitor lizards (Squamata, Varanidae) from Europe
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Fossil lizards and snakes from Ano Metochi–a diverse squamate fauna from the latest Miocene of northern Greece
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Turonian marine amniotes from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic
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Early Miocene herpetofaunas from the Greek localities of Aliveri and Karydia–bridging a gap in the knowledge of amphibians and reptiles from the early Neogene of southeastern …
GL Georgalis, A Villa, M Ivanov, S Roussiakis, P Skandalos, M Delfino
Historical Biology, 2017
First record of fossil anguines (Squamata; Anguidae) from the Oligocene and Miocene of Turkey
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Constrictores Oppel, 1811–the available name for the taxonomic group uniting boas and pythons
G Georgalis, K Smith
Vertebrate Zoology 70, 291-304, 2020
Lizards and snakes from the late Miocene hominoid locality of Ravin de la Pluie (Axios Valley, Greece)
GL Georgalis, JC Rage, L de Bonis, GD Koufos
Swiss Journal of Geosciences 111, 169-181, 2018
Early Miocene gastropod and ectothermic vertebrate remains from the Lesvos Petrified Forest (Greece)
K Vasileiadou, M Böhme, TA Neubauer, GL Georgalis, GE Syrides, ...
PalZ 91, 541-564, 2017
A new species of Palaeopython (Serpentes) and other extinct squamates from the Eocene of Dielsdorf (Zurich, Switzerland)
GL Georgalis, TM Scheyer
Swiss Journal of Geosciences 112, 383-417, 2019
New material of Laophis crotaloides, an enigmatic giant snake from Greece, with an overview of the largest fossil European vipers
GL Georgalis, Z Szyndlar, BP Kear, M Delfino
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Taxonomic revision of the snakes of the genera Palaeopython and Paleryx (Serpentes, Constrictores) from the Paleogene of Europe
GL Georgalis, M Rabi, KT Smith
Swiss Journal of Palaeontology 140, 1-140, 2021
A Pliocene–Pleistocene continental biota from Venezuela
JD Carrillo-Briceño, R Sánchez, TM Scheyer, JD Carrillo, M Delfino, ...
Swiss Journal of Palaeontology 140 (1), 1-76, 2021
The Diversity and Distribution of Palaeogene Snakes
KT Smith, GL Georgalis
The Origin and Early Evolutionary History of Snakes 90, 55, 2022
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