Frank Streller
Frank Streller
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Monolayer Single-Crystal 1T′-MoTe2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition Exhibits Weak Antilocalization Effect
CH Naylor, WM Parkin, J Ping, Z Gao, YR Zhou, Y Kim, F Streller, ...
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Microstructure-sensitive investigation of magnesium alloy fatigue
K Hazeli, H Askari, J Cuadra, F Streller, RW Carpick, HM Zbib, A Kontsos
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Angle-resolved environmental X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: A new laboratory setup for photoemission studies at pressures up to 0.4 Torr
F Mangolini, J Ahlund, GE Wabiszewski, VP Adiga, P Egberts, F Streller, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (9), 093112-093112-10, 2012
Large-area synthesis of high-quality monolayer 1T’-WTe2 flakes
CH Naylor, WM Parkin, Z Gao, H Kang, M Noyan, RB Wexler, LZ Tan, ...
2D Materials 4 (2), 021008, 2017
Three-dimensional effects of twinning in magnesium alloys
K Hazeli, J Cuadra, F Streller, CM Barr, ML Taheri, RW Carpick, ...
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Superhydrophobic aluminium-based surfaces: Wetting and wear properties of different CVD-generated coating types
M Thieme, F Streller, F Simon, R Frenzel, AJ White
Applied surface science 283, 1041-1050, 2013
Scalable production of sensor arrays based on high-mobility hybrid graphene field effect transistors
Z Gao, H Kang, CH Naylor, F Streller, P Ducos, MD Serrano, J Ping, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (41), 27546-27552, 2016
Effect of silicon and oxygen dopants on the stability of hydrogenated amorphous carbon under harsh environmental conditions
F Mangolini, BA Krick, TDB Jacobs, SR Khanal, F Streller, JB McClimon, ...
Carbon 130, 127-136, 2018
Tunable, Source‐Controlled Formation of Platinum Silicides and Nanogaps from Thin Precursor Films
F Streller, GE Wabiszewski, F Mangolini, G Feng, RW Carpick
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Novel metal silicide thin films by design via controlled solid-state diffusion
F Streller, R Agarwal, F Mangolini, RW Carpick
Chemistry of Materials 27 (12), 4247-4253, 2015
Next-Generation Nanoelectromechanical Switch Contact Materials: A Low-Power Mechanical Alternative to Fully Electronic Field-Effect Transistors.
F Streller, GE Wabiszewski, RW Carpick
IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine 9 (1), 18-24, 2015
In situ oxygen plasma cleaning of microswitch surfaces—comparison of Ti and graphite electrodes
C Oh, F Streller, WR Ashurst, RW Carpick, MP de Boer
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 26 (11), 115020, 2016
Valence band control of metal silicide films via stoichiometry
F Streller, Y Qi, J Yang, F Mangolini, AM Rappe, RW Carpick
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7 (13), 2573-2578, 2016
Novel materials solutions and simulations for nanoelectromechanical switches
F Streller, GE Wabiszewski, DB Durham, F Yang, J Yang, Y Qi, ...
2015 IEEE 61st Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts (Holm), 363-369, 2015
Development and assessment of next-generation nanoelectromechanical switch contact materials
F Streller, GE Wabiszewski, RW Carpick
14th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, 141-145, 2014
Rajesh, RW Carpick, Y.-J. Wang, YW Park, Z. Luo, L. Ren and ATC Johnson, ACS Appl. Mater
Z Gao, H Kang, CH Naylor, F Streller, P Ducos, MD Serrano, J Ping, ...
Interfaces 8, 27546-27552, 2016
Effectiveness of oxygen plasma versus UHV bakeout in cleaning MEMS switch surfaces
C Oh, F Streller, RW Carpick, MP de Boer
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Rajesh; Carpick, RW; Wang, Y
Z Gao, H Kang, CH Naylor, F Streller, P Ducos, MD Serrano, J Ping, ...
J, 0
Method and system for synchronizing lead scanners and laser marker modules
N Jitramas, S Sritulanont, S Chantaphan, W Namkang
US Patent 6,646,671, 2003
Addressing the Achilles’ Heels of Amorphous Carbon Overcoats with Doping: Mechanisms of Thermal and Oxidative Degradation
F Mangolini, B Krick, T Jacobs, S Khanal, F Streller, J McClimon, J Hilbert, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
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