Lauri Laakso
Lauri Laakso
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Toward direct measurement of atmospheric nucleation
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Initial steps of aerosol growth
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General overview: European Integrated project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality interactions (EUCAARI)–integrating aerosol research from nano to global scales
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Warming-induced increase in aerosol number concentration likely to moderate climate change
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Diurnal and annual characteristics of particle mass and number concentrations in urban, rural and Arctic environments in Finland
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A wide-range multi-channel Air lon Spectrometer.
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Annual and size dependent variation of growth rates and ion concentrations in boreal forest.
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Explaining global surface aerosol number concentrations in terms of primary emissions and particle formation
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Model studies on ion‐induced nucleation in the atmosphere
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V Vakkari, VM Kerminen, JP Beukes, P Tiitta, PG van Zyl, M Josipovic, ...
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Ultrafine particle scavenging coefficients calculated from 6 years field measurements
L Laakso, T Grönholm, Ü Rannik, M Kosmale, V Fiedler, H Vehkamäki, ...
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Ion production rate in a boreal forest based on ion, particle and radiation measurements
L Laakso, T Petäjä, KEJ Lehtinen, M Kulmala, J Paatero, U Horrak, ...
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Kinetic nucleation and ions in boreal forest particle formation events
L Laakso, T Anttila, KEJ Lehtinen, PP Aalto, M Kulmala, U Horrak, ...
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Atmospheric nucleation: highlights of the EUCAARI project and future directions
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Results from the CERN pilot CLOUD experiment
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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10 (4), 1635-1647, 2010
Detecting charging state of ultra-fine particles: instrumental development and ambient measurements
L Laakso, S Gagné, T Petäjä, A Hirsikko, PP Aalto, M Kulmala, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7 (5), 1333-1345, 2007
Formation and characteristics of ions and charged aerosol particles in a native Australian Eucalypt forest
T Suni, M Kulmala, A Hirsikko, T Bergman, L Laakso, PP Aalto, R Leuning, ...
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Characteristics of the atmospheric particle formation events observed at a borel forest site in southern Finland
JM Mäkelä, MD Maso, L Pirjola, P Keronen, L Laakso, M Kulmala, ...
Boreal Environment Research 5 (4), 299-313, 2000
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