Alessandro Taloni
Alessandro Taloni
ISC Institute for complex systems - National research council of Italy (ISC-CNR)
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Generalized elastic model yields a fractional Langevin equation description
A Taloni, A Chechkin, J Klafter
Physical review letters 104 (16), 160602, 2010
Subdiffusion and long-time anticorrelations in a stochastic single file
F Marchesoni, A Taloni
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Size effects on the fracture of microscale and nanoscale materials
A Taloni, M Vodret, G Costantini, S Zapperi
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On single-file and less dense processes
O Flomenbom, A Taloni
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Single file dynamics in soft materials
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Mechanical properties of growing melanocytic nevi and the progression to melanoma
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Correlations in a generalized elastic model: Fractional Langevin equation approach
A Taloni, A Chechkin, J Klafter
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Collisional statistics of a stochastic single file
A Taloni, F Marchesoni
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Generalized elastic model: Thermal vs. non-thermal initial conditions—Universal scaling, roughening, ageing and ergodicity
A Taloni, A Chechkin, J Klafter
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Scalar model for frictional precursors dynamics
A Taloni, A Benassi, S Sandfeld, S Zapperi
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Scalar model for frictional precursors dynamics
A Taloni, A Benassi, S Sandfeld, S Zapperi
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-11, 2015
The role of pressure in cancer growth
A Taloni, MB Amar, S Zapperi, CAM La Porta
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Theory connecting nonlocal sediment transport, earth surface roughness, and the Sadler effect
R Schumer, A Taloni, DJ Furbish
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Unusual response to a localized perturbation in a generalized elastic model
A Taloni, A Chechkin, J Klafter
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Interacting single-file system: Fractional Langevin formulation versus diffusion-noise approach
A Taloni, F Marchesoni
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Fracture size effects in nanoscale materials: the case of graphene
AL Sellerio, A Taloni, S Zapperi
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Generalized elastic model: fractional Langevin description, fluctuation relation and linear response
A Taloni, A Chechkin, J Klafter
Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena 8 (2), 127-143, 2013
Protein-driven lipid domain nucleation in biological membranes
M Hoferer, S Bonfanti, A Taloni, CAM La Porta, S Zapperi
Physical Review E 100 (4), 042410, 2019
Deterministic single-file dynamics in collisional representation
F Marchesoni, A Taloni
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 17 (4), 043112, 2007
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