Barry Barrios
Barry Barrios
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On the use of Monte Carlo simulation, cache and splitting techniques to improve the Clarke and Wright savings heuristics
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AA Juan, J Faulin, R Ruiz, B Barrios, S Caballé
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Horizontal cooperation in road transportation: a case illustrating savings in distances and greenhouse gas emissions
E Pérez‐Bernabeu, AA Juan, J Faulin, BB Barrios
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A simheuristic algorithm for solving the permutation flow shop problem with stochastic processing times
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Combining biased randomization with iterated local search for solving the multidepot vehicle routing problem
AA Juan, I Pascual, D Guimarans, B Barrios
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MIRHA: multi-start biased randomization of heuristics with adaptive local search for solving non-smooth routing problems
AA Juan, J Faulin, A Ferrer, HR Lourenço, B Barrios
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Using biased randomization for solving the two-dimensional loading vehicle routing problem with heterogeneous fleet
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Using oriented random search to provide a set of alternative solutions to the capacitated vehicle routing problem
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A unique mathematical model for maintenance strategies to improve energy flows of the electrical power sector
A Azadeh, M Fekri, SM Asadzadeh, B Barazandeh, B Barrios
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Combining biased randomization with meta-heuristics for solving the multi-depot vehicle routing problem
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Biased randomization of classical heuristics
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SR-2: A hybrid intelligent algorithm for the vehicle routing problem
A Juan, J Faulin, J Jorba, S Grasman, B Barrios
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On the use of biased randomization and simheuristics to solve vehicle and arc routing problems
S Gonzalez-Martin, BB Barrios, AA Juan, D Riera
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Sistematización de la experiencia de la Escuela de Agricultura Ecológica U Yits Ka’an y su efecto sobre los medios de vida de las familias participantes en el municipio de Maní …
F Hernández Galindo
CATIE, Turrialba (Costa Rica), 2015
Evaluating Primary Care Physician Performance in Diabetes Glucose Control
CM Brown, E. C., Robicsek, A., Billings, L. K., Barrios, B., Konchak, C ...
American Journal of Medical Quality, 2015
ILS-ESP: An efficient, simple, and parameter-free algorithm for solving the permutation flow-shop problem
AA Juan, H Ramalhinho Lourenço, M Mateo Doll, Q Castellà, BB Barrios
ILS-ESP: An Efficient, Simple, and Parameter-Free Algorithm for Solving the Permutation Flow-Shop Problem
BB Barrios, Q Castellà, AA Juan, HR Lourenço, M Mateo
E-Mentoring: Issues and Experiences in Starting e-Research Collaborations in Graduate Programs
J Faulin, AA Juan, F Lera, BB Barrios, A Forcada
Collaborative and Distributed E-Research: Innovations in Technologies …, 2012
Green logistics: Reducing Air Pollutant Emissions by using Horizontal Cooperation in Road Transportation
A Juan, J Faulin, E Pérez-Bernabeu, J Belloso, B Barrios
InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact 7 (2), 551, 2016
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