Knut Børve
Knut Børve
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Activity of rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation: Added insight and predictions from theory
M Sparta, KJ Børve, VR Jensen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (27), 8487-8499, 2007
Chemical insights from high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio theory: Propyne, trifluoropropyne, and ethynylsulfur pentafluoride
LJ Sæthre, N Berrah, JD Bozek, KJ Børve, TX Carroll, E Kukk, GL Gard, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (43), 10729-10737, 2001
Carbon photoelectron spectroscopy of and CO: Search for chemical effects on the carbon hole-state lifetime
TX Carroll, KJ Børve, LJ Sæthre, JD Bozek, E Kukk, JA Hahne, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 116 (23), 10221-10228, 2002
Theoretical models of ethylene polymerization over a mononuclear chromium (II)/silica site
Ø Espelid, KJ Børve
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Molecular-level insight into Cr/silica Phillips-Type catalysts: Polymerization-active dinuclear chromium sites
Ø Espelid, KJ Børve
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Activity of homogeneous chromium (III)-based alkene polymerization catalysts: lack of importance of the barrier to ethylene insertion
VR Jensen, K Angermund, PW Jolly, KJ Børve
Organometallics 19 (4), 403-410, 2000
Gas-phase hydrogen abstraction from methane using metal oxides. Theoretical study
KJ Boerve, LGM Pettersson
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 95 (8), 3214-3217, 1991
On the Origins of Core−Electron Chemical Shifts of Small Biomolecules in Aqueous Solution: Insights from Photoemission and ab Initio Calculations of Glycineaq
N Ottosson, KJ Børve, D Spangberg, H Bergersen, LJ Sæthre, M Faubel, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (9), 3120-3130, 2011
Vibronic structure in the carbon photoelectron spectra of HCCH and DCCD
KJ Børve, LJ Sæthre, TD Thomas, TX Carroll, N Berrah, JD Bozek, E Kukk
Physical Review A 63 (1), 012506, 2000
An investigation of the quantum chemical description of the ethylenic double bond in reactions: II. Insertion of ethylene into a titanium–carbon bond
VR Jensen, KJ Børve
Journal of computational chemistry 19 (8), 947-960, 1998
Nonstoichiometric intensities in core photoelectron spectroscopy
J Söderström, N Mårtensson, O Travnikova, M Patanen, C Miron, ...
Physical Review Letters 108 (19), 193005, 2012
Molecular-level insight into Cr/silica Phillips-type catalysts: Polymerization-active mononuclear chromium sites
Ø Espelid, KJ Børve
Journal of Catalysis 205 (2), 366-374, 2002
Catalytic dehydrogenation of ethane over mononuclear Cr (III) surface sites on silica. part I. C—H activation by σ‐bond metathesis
S Lillehaug, KJ Børve, M Sierka, J Sauer
Journal of physical organic chemistry 17 (11), 990-1006, 2004
High resolution photoelectron spectroscopy of sulfur 2p electrons in H2S, SO2, CS2, and OCS
MRF Siggel, C Field, LJ Sæthre, KJ Bo/rve, TD Thomas
The Journal of chemical physics 105 (20), 9035-9039, 1996
Fluorine as a π donor. Carbon 1s photoelectron spectroscopy and proton affinities of fluorobenzenes
TX Carroll, TD Thomas, H Bergersen, KJ Børve, LJ Sæthre
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 71 (5), 1961-1968, 2006
Accurate and approximate calculations of Franck–Condon intensities in the carbon photoelectron spectrum of methane
T Karlsen, KJ Bo/rve
The Journal of Chemical Physics 112 (18), 7979-7985, 2000
The ESCA molecule—Historical remarks and new results
O Travnikova, KJ Børve, M Patanen, J Söderström, C Miron, LJ Sæthre, ...
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 185 (8-9), 191-197, 2012
Toward the spectrum of free polyethylene: Linear alkanes studied by carbon 1s photoelectron spectroscopy and theory
T Karlsen, KJ Børve, LJ Sæthre, K Wiesner, M Bässler, S Svensson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (26), 7866-7873, 2002
Conformational effects in inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy of ethanol
M Abu-Samha, KJ Børve, LJ Sæthre, TD Thomas
Physical review letters 95 (10), 103002, 2005
Vibrational structure and vibronic coupling in the carbon 1s photoelectron spectra of benzene and deuterobenzene
V Myrseth, KJ Børve, K Wiesner, M Bässler, S Svensson, LJ Sæthre
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 4 (24), 5937-5943, 2002
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