Qi Huang
Qi Huang
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High-temporal-resolution water level and storage change data sets for lakes on the Tibetan Plateau during 2000–2017 using multiple altimetric missions and Landsat-derived lake …
X Li, D Long, Q Huang, P Han, F Zhao, Y Wada
Earth System Science Data 11 (4), 1603-1627, 2019
Generating surface soil moisture at 30 m spatial resolution using both data fusion and machine learning toward better water resources management at the field scale
AS Abowarda, L Bai, C Zhang, D Long, X Li, Q Huang, Z Sun
Remote Sensing of Environment 255, 112301, 2021
Discharge estimation in high-mountain regions with improved methods using multisource remote sensing: A case study of the Upper Brahmaputra River
Q Huang, D Long, M Du, C Zeng, G Qiao, X Li, A Hou, Y Hong
Remote sensing of environment 219, 115-134, 2018
An improved approach to monitoring Brahmaputra River water levels using retracked altimetry data
Q Huang, D Long, M Du, C Zeng, X Li, A Hou, Y Hong
Remote Sensing of Environment 211, 112-128, 2018
Daily continuous river discharge estimation for ungauged basins using a hydrologic model calibrated by satellite altimetry: Implications for the SWOT mission
Q Huang, D Long, M Du, Z Han, P Han
Water Resources Research 56 (7), e2020WR027309, 2020
Improving reservoir outflow estimation for ungauged basins using satellite observations and a hydrological model
Z Han, D Long, Q Huang, X Li, F Zhao, J Wang
Water Resources Research 56 (9), e2020WR027590, 2020
Validation and application of water levels derived from Sentinel-3A for the Brahmaputra River
Q Huang, XD Li, PF Han, D Long, FY Zhao, AZ Hou
Science China Technological Sciences 62, 1760-1772, 2019
An improved modeling of precipitation phase and snow in the Lancang River Basin in Southwest China
ZY Han, D Long, PF Han, Q Huang, MD Du, AZ Hou
Science China Technological Sciences 64 (7), 1513-1527, 2021
A dual state-parameter updating scheme using the particle filter and high-spatial-resolution remotely sensed snow depths to improve snow simulation
P Han, D Long, X Li, Q Huang, L Dai, Z Sun
Journal of Hydrology 594, 125979, 2021
High-resolution satellite images combined with hydrological modeling derive river discharge for headwaters: A step toward discharge estimation in ungauged basins
Q Huang, D Long, Z Han, P Han
Remote Sensing of Environment 277, 113030, 2022
Multipeak retracking of radar altimetry waveforms over ice sheets
Q Huang, M McMillan, A Muir, J Phillips, T Slater
Remote Sensing of Environment 303, 114020, 2024
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