Won Joo Hwang
Won Joo Hwang
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A survey of multi-access edge computing in 5G and beyond: Fundamentals, technology integration, and state-of-the-art
QV Pham, F Fang, VN Ha, MJ Piran, M Le, LB Le, WJ Hwang, Z Ding
IEEE access 8, 116974-117017, 2020
Survey on 6G frontiers: Trends, applications, requirements, technologies and future research
C De Alwis, A Kalla, QV Pham, P Kumar, K Dev, WJ Hwang, M Liyanage
IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society 2, 836-886, 2021
Federated learning for smart healthcare: A survey
DC Nguyen, QV Pham, PN Pathirana, M Ding, A Seneviratne, Z Lin, ...
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 55 (3), 1-37, 2022
Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data for coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: a survey on the state-of-the-arts
QV Pham, DC Nguyen, T Huynh-The, WJ Hwang, PN Pathirana
IEEE access 8, 130820-130839, 2020
Whale optimization algorithm with applications to resource allocation in wireless networks
QV Pham, S Mirjalili, N Kumar, M Alazab, WJ Hwang
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 69 (4), 4285-4297, 2020
Coalitional games for computation offloading in NOMA-enabled multi-access edge computing
QV Pham, HT Nguyen, Z Han, WJ Hwang
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 69 (2), 1982-1993, 2019
Blockchain for edge of things: Applications, opportunities, and challenges
TR Gadekallu, QV Pham, DC Nguyen, PKR Maddikunta, N Deepa, ...
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 9 (2), 964-988, 2021
Mobile edge computing with wireless backhaul: Joint task offloading and resource allocation
QV Pham, LB Le, SH Chung, WJ Hwang
IEEE Access 7, 16444-16459, 2019
UAV communications for sustainable federated learning
QV Pham, M Zeng, R Ruby, T Huynh-The, WJ Hwang
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 70 (4), 3944-3948, 2021
Joint power control, base station assignment, and channel assignment in cognitive femtocell networks
JPM Torregoza, R Enkhbat, WJ Hwang
EURASIP Journal on wireless communications and networking 2010, 1-14, 2010
Sum-rate maximization for UAV-assisted visible light communications using NOMA: Swarm intelligence meets machine learning
QV Pham, T Huynh-The, M Alazab, J Zhao, WJ Hwang
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 7 (10), 10375-10387, 2020
Energy-efficient federated learning over UAV-enabled wireless powered communications
QV Pham, M Le, T Huynh-The, Z Han, WJ Hwang
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 71 (5), 4977-4990, 2022
Distributed resource allocation for D2D communications underlay cellular networks
HH Nguyen, M Hasegawa, WJ Hwang
IEEE Communications Letters 20 (5), 942-945, 2015
Joint downlink and uplink interference management for device to device communication underlaying cellular networks
T Huynh, T Onuma, K Kuroda, M Hasegawa, WJ Hwang
IEEE Access 4, 4420-4430, 2016
Transfer learning for future wireless networks: A comprehensive survey
CT Nguyen, N Van Huynh, NH Chu, YM Saputra, DT Hoang, DN Nguyen, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.07572, 2021
Network utility maximization-based congestion control over wireless networks: A survey and potential directives
QV Pham, WJ Hwang
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 19 (2), 1173-1200, 2016
Intelligent radio signal processing: A survey
QV Pham, NT Nguyen, T Huynh-The, LB Le, K Lee, WJ Hwang
IEEE Access 9, 83818-83850, 2021
Efficient topology construction for RPL over IEEE 802.15. 4 in wireless sensor networks
B Pavkovic, A Duda, WJ Hwang, F Theoleyre
Ad Hoc Networks 15, 25-38, 2014
Deep reinforcement learning for energy-efficient federated learning in UAV-enabled wireless powered networks
QV Do, QV Pham, WJ Hwang
IEEE Communications Letters 26 (1), 99-103, 2021
Online computation offloading in NOMA-based multi-access edge computing: A deep reinforcement learning approach
M Nduwayezu, QV Pham, WJ Hwang
IEEE Access 8, 99098-99109, 2020
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