Mahmut Uludag
Mahmut Uludag
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Analysis tool web services from the EMBL-EBI
H McWilliam, W Li, M Uludag, S Squizzato, YM Park, N Buso, AP Cowley, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (W1), W597-W600, 2013
The EMBL-EBI bioinformatics web and programmatic tools framework
W Li, A Cowley, M Uludag, T Gur, H McWilliam, S Squizzato, YM Park, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (W1), W580-W584, 2015
EDAM: an ontology of bioinformatics operations, types of data and identifiers, topics and formats
J Ison, M Kalaš, I Jonassen, D Bolser, M Uludag, H McWilliam, J Malone, ...
Bioinformatics 29 (10), 1325-1332, 2013
Sequenceserver: a modern graphical user interface for custom BLAST databases
A Priyam, BJ Woodcroft, V Rai, I Moghul, A Munagala, F Ter, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 36 (12), 2922-2924, 2019
A simplified model for radiant heating and cooling panels
IB Kilkis, SS Sager, M Uludag
Simulation Practice and Theory 2 (2), 61-76, 1994
Splice2Deep: An ensemble of deep convolutional neural networks for improved splice site prediction in genomic DNA
S Albaradei, A Magana-Mora, M Thafar, M Uludag, VB Bajic, T Gojobori, ...
Gene 763, 100035, 2020
The EBI Search engine: providing search and retrieval functionality for biological data from EMBL-EBI
S Squizzato, YM Park, N Buso, T Gur, A Cowley, W Li, M Uludag, S Pundir, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (W1), W585-W588, 2015
The EMBRACE web service collection
S Pettifer, J Ison, M Kalaš, D Thorne, P McDermott, I Jonassen, A Liaquat, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (suppl_2), W683-W688, 2010
Ila-2: An inductive learning algorithm for knowledge discovery
MR Tolun, H Sever, M Uludag, SM Abu-Soud
Cybernetics & Systems 30 (7), 609-628, 1999
FARNA: knowledgebase of inferred functions of non-coding RNA transcripts
T Alam, M Uludag, M Essack, A Salhi, H Ashoor, JB Hanks, C Kapfer, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (5), 2838-2848, 2017
Hybrid model for efficient prediction of poly (A) signals in human genomic DNA
F Albalawi, A Chahid, X Guo, S Albaradei, A Magana-Mora, BR Jankovic, ...
Methods 166, 31-39, 2019
Soaplab2: more reliable Sesame door to bioinformatics programs
M Senger, P Rice, A Bleasby, T Oinn, M Uludag
Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, BOSC 8, 2008
DES-mutation: system for exploring links of mutations and diseases
V Kordopati, A Salhi, R Razali, A Radovanovic, F Tifratene, M Uludag, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 13359, 2018
Improved rule discovery performance on uncertainty
M Tolun, H Sever, M Uludağ
Research and Development in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 310-321, 1998
Predicting bone metastasis using gene expression-based machine learning models
S Albaradei, M Uludag, MA Thafar, T Gojobori, M Essack, X Gao
Frontiers in Genetics 12, 771092, 2021
Automated counting of colony forming units using deep transfer learning from a model for congested scenes analysis
SA Albaradei, F Napolitano, M Uludag, M Thafar, S Napolitano, M Essack, ...
IEEE Access 8, 164340-164346, 2020
PATHcre8: A Tool That Facilitates the Searching for Heterologous Biosynthetic Routes
O Motwalli, M Uludag, I Mijakovic, M Alazmi, VB Bajic, T Gojobori, X Gao, ...
ACS synthetic biology 9 (12), 3217-3227, 2020
Combining biomedical knowledge graphs and text to improve predictions for drug-target interactions and drug-indications
M Alshahrani, A Almansour, A Alkhaldi, MA Thafar, M Uludag, M Essack, ...
PeerJ 10, e13061, 2022
Soaplab: open source web services framework for Bioinformatics programs
M Senger, P Rice, A Bleasby, M Uludag
The 10th Annual Bioinformatics Open Source Conference. Satellite Workshop of …, 2009
A multi-relational rule discovery system
M Uludağ, M Tolun, T Etzold
Computer and Information Sciences-ISCIS 2003, 252-259, 2003
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