Mihkel Kõrgesaar
Mihkel Kõrgesaar
Assistant Professor
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Influence of mesh size, stress triaxiality and damage induced softening on ductile fracture of large-scale shell structures
M Kõrgesaar, J Romanoff
Marine structures 38, 1-17, 2014
Experimental and numerical penetration response of laser-welded stiffened panels
M Kõrgesaar, J Romanoff, H Remes, P Palokangas
International Journal of Impact Engineering 114, 78-92, 2018
Size dependent response of large shell elements under in-plane tensile loading
M Kõrgesaar, H Remes, J Romanoff
International Journal of Solids and Structures 51 (21-22), 3752-3761, 2014
MARSTRUCT benchmark study on nonlinear FE simulation of an experiment of an indenter impact with a ship side-shell structure
JW Ringsberg, J Amdahl, BQ Chen, SR Cho, S Ehlers, Z Hu, JM Kubiczek, ...
Marine Structures 59, 142-157, 2018
The effect of low stress triaxialities and deformation paths on ductile fracture simulations of large shell structures
M Kõrgesaar
Marine Structures 63, 45-64, 2019
Influence of softening on fracture propagation in large-scale shell structures
M Kõrgesaar, J Romanoff
International Journal of Solids and Structures 50 (24), 3911-3921, 2013
A simplified approach to predict the bottom damage in tanker grounding
M Heinvee, K Tabri, M Kõrgesaar
Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures, 161, 2013
Load carrying capacity of ice-strengthened frames under idealized ice load and boundary conditions
M Kõrgesaar, P Kujala, J Romanoff
Marine Structures 58, 18-30, 2018
Comparing rock shape models in grounding damage modelling
OVE Sormunen, M Kõrgesaar, K Tabri, M Heinvee, A Urbel, P Kujala
Marine Structures 50, 205-223, 2016
An assessment procedure of the crashworthiness of an LNG tanker side structure
M Kõrgesaar, S Ehlers
Ship technology research 57 (2), 108-119, 2010
A design procedure for structures agains impact loading
S Ehlers, A Klanac, M Kõrgesaar
Annual Meeting of the German Society of Naval Architects, Hamburg 2008, 2008
Combined strain rate, mesh size and calibration test influence on structural failure: Miniature ship grounding test
MAG Calle, RE Oshiro, M Kõrgesaar, M Alves, P Kujala
Ocean Engineering 173, 215-226, 2019
Ship collision simulations using different fracture criteria and mesh size
M Kõrgesaar, K Tabri, H Naar, E Reinhold
International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 45424 …, 2014
Modeling ductile fracture in ship structures with shell elements
M Kõrgesaar
Aalto University, 2015
Finite element based meta-modeling of ship-ice interaction at shoulder and midship areas for ship performance simulation
F Li, M Kõrgesaar, P Kujala, F Goerlandt
Marine Structures 71, 102736, 2020
Influence of longitudinal and transverse bulkheads on ship grounding resistance and damage size
M Heinvee, K Tabri, M Körgesaar, A Urbel
International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore …, 2016
Analytical approach to investigate the effect of gas channel draft angle on the performance of PEMFC and species distribution
N Ahmadi, M Kõrgesaar
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 152, 119529, 2020
Experimental testing of spray rails for the resistance reduction of planing crafts
M Lakatos, T Sahk, R Kaarma, K Tabri, M Kõrgesaar, H Andreasson
Trends Anal Des Mar Struct Proc 7th Int Conf Mar Struct MARSTRUCT, 334-343, 2019
Experimental validation of failure criterion for large complex shell structures
M Körgesaar, P Kujala
International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore …, 2016
Non-linear effective properties for web-core steel sandwich panels in tension
M Kõrgesaar, BR Goncalves, J Romanoff, H Remes
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 115, 428-437, 2016
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