Mihkel Kõrgesaar
Mihkel Kõrgesaar
Assistant Professor
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Influence of mesh size, stress triaxiality and damage induced softening on ductile fracture of large-scale shell structures
M Kõrgesaar, J Romanoff
Marine structures 38, 1-17, 2014
MARSTRUCT benchmark study on nonlinear FE simulation of an experiment of an indenter impact with a ship side-shell structure
JW Ringsberg, J Amdahl, BQ Chen, SR Cho, S Ehlers, Z Hu, JM Kubiczek, ...
Marine structures 59, 142-157, 2018
Experimental and numerical penetration response of laser-welded stiffened panels
M Kõrgesaar, J Romanoff, H Remes, P Palokangas
International Journal of Impact Engineering 114, 78-92, 2018
The effect of low stress triaxialities and deformation paths on ductile fracture simulations of large shell structures
M Korgesaar
Marine Structures 63, 45-64, 2019
Finite element based meta-modeling of ship-ice interaction at shoulder and midship areas for ship performance simulation
F Li, M Kõrgesaar, P Kujala, F Goerlandt
Marine Structures 71, 102736, 2020
Size dependent response of large shell elements under in-plane tensile loading
M Kõrgesaar, H Remes, J Romanoff
International Journal of Solids and Structures 51 (21-22), 3752-3761, 2014
Load carrying capacity of ice-strengthened frames under idealized ice load and boundary conditions
M Kõrgesaar, P Kujala, J Romanoff
Marine Structures 58, 18-30, 2018
Analytical approach to investigate the effect of gas channel draft angle on the performance of PEMFC and species distribution
N Ahmadi, M Kõrgesaar
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 152, 119529, 2020
Influence of softening on fracture propagation in large-scale shell structures
M Kõrgesaar, J Romanoff
International Journal of Solids and Structures 50 (24), 3911-3921, 2013
Performance prediction of a hard-chine planing hull by employing different cfd models
A Hosseini, S Tavakoli, A Dashtimanesh, PK Sahoo, M Kõrgesaar
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9 (5), 481, 2021
Comparing rock shape models in grounding damage modelling
OVE Sormunen, M Kõrgesaar, K Tabri, M Heinvee, A Urbel, P Kujala
Marine Structures 50, 205-223, 2016
Ultimate strength assessment of stiffened panel under uni-axial compression with non-linear equivalent single layer approach
T Putranto, M Kõrgesaar, J Jelovica, K Tabri, H Naar
Marine Structures 78, 103004, 2021
Combined strain rate, mesh size and calibration test influence on structural failure: Miniature ship grounding test
MAG Calle, RE Oshiro, M Kõrgesaar, M Alves, P Kujala
Ocean Engineering 173, 215-226, 2019
A simplified approach to predict the bottom damage in tanker grounding
M Heinvee, K Tabri, M Kõrgesaar
Proc. 6th International Conference on Collision and grounding of ships and …, 2013
An assessment procedure of the crashworthiness of an LNG tanker side structure
M Kõrgesaar, S Ehlers
Ship technology research 57 (2), 108-119, 2010
Modeling ductile fracture in ship structures with shell elements
M Kõrgesaar
Aalto University, 2015
A comprehensive approach to scenario-based risk management for Arctic waters
M Bergström, T Browne, S Ehlers, I Helle, H Herrnring, F Khan, J Kubiczek, ...
Ship technology research 69 (3), 129-157, 2022
A design procedure for structures agains impact loading
S Ehlers, A Klanac, M Kõrgesaar
Annual Meeting of the German Society of Naval Architects, Hamburg 2008, 2008
Evaluation of the limit ice thickness for the hull of various Finnish-Swedish ice class vessels navigating in the Russian Arctic
P Kujala, M Korgesaar, J Kämäräinen
International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 10 (3 …, 2018
Influence of longitudinal and transverse bulkheads on ship grounding resistance and damage size
M Heinvee, K Tabri, M Körgesaar, A Urbel
International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore …, 2016
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