Viljami Salmela
Viljami Salmela
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Music and speech prosody: a common rhythm
M Hausen, R Torppa, VR Salmela, M Vainio, T Särkämö
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Media multitasking is associated with distractibility and increased prefrontal activity in adolescents and young adults
M Moisala, V Salmela, L Hietajärvi, E Salo, S Carlson, O Salonen, ...
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Brain activity during divided and selective attention to auditory and visual sentence comprehension tasks
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Gaming is related to enhanced working memory performance and task-related cortical activity
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Brain activity associated with selective attention, divided attention and distraction
E Salo, V Salmela, J Salmi, J Numminen, K Alho
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Working memory resources are shared across sensory modalities
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Spatiotemporal dynamics of attention networks revealed by representational similarity analysis of EEG and fMRI
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Radial frequency analysis of contour shapes in the visual cortex
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Visual working memory for amplitude-modulated shapes
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Low-level features determine brightness in White’s and Benary’s illusions
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Human working memory for shapes of radial frequency patterns
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Spatial frequency tuning of brightness polarity identification
VR Salmela, PI Laurinen
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Out of focus–Brain attention control deficits in adult ADHD
J Salmi, V Salmela, E Salo, K Mikkola, S Leppämäki, P Tani, L Hokkanen, ...
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Detection of small orientation changes and the precision of visual working memory
VR Salmela, J Saarinen
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Spatial frequency difference between textures interferes with brightness perception
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Stimulus duration has little effect on auditory, visual and audiovisual temporal order judgement
K Tiippana, VR Salmela
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The effectiveness of symbol and color coding in mobile phone keys
K Hyyppä, V Salmela, L Repokari
Electronic Proceedings from the 1st Nordic Conference on Computer Human …, 2000
Recall of facial expressions and simple orientations reveals competition for resources at multiple levels of the visual hierarchy
VR Salmela, K Ölander, I Muukkonen, PM Bays
Journal of vision 19 (3), 8-8, 2019
Neural activity patterns between different executive tasks are more similar in adulthood than in adolescence
M Moisala, V Salmela, S Carlson, K Salmela‐Aro, K Lonka, ...
Brain and behavior 8 (9), e01063, 2018
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