Ilknur Kaynar-Kabul
Ilknur Kaynar-Kabul
Engineering Manager, Facebook
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Interactive collision detection between deformable models using chromatic decomposition
NK Govindaraju, D Knott, N Jain, I Kabul, R Tamstorf, R Gayle, MC Lin, ...
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Fast proximity computation among deformable models using discrete voronoi diagrams
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Fast continuous collision detection among deformable models using graphics processors
NK Govindaraju, I Kabul, MC Lin, D Manocha
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Cable route planning in complex environments using constrained sampling
I Kabul, R Gayle, MC Lin
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Computerized cluster analysis framework for decorrelated cluster identification in datasets
P Hall, IK Kabul, JL Dean, R Abbey, S Haller, J Silva
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Transfer learning for education data
XJ Hunt, IK Kabul, J Silva
Proceedings of the ACM SIGKDD Conference, El Halifax, NS, Canada 17, 2017
Neural network based cluster visualization that computes pairwise distances between centroid locations, and determines a projected centroid location in a multidimensional space
P Hall, IK Kabul, JL Dean, R Abbey, S Haller, J Silva
US Patent 9,367,799, 2016
Multi-Task Learning with Incomplete Data for Healthcare
XJ Hunt, S Emrani, IK Kabul, J Silva
2018 KDD Workshop on Machine Learning for Medicine and Healthcare, 2018
Number of clusters estimation
P Hall, IK Kabul, W Sarle, J Silva
US Patent 9,424,337, 2016
Multi‐resolution collision handling for cloth‐like simulations
N Jain, I Kabul, NK Govindaraju, D Manocha, M Lin
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 16 (3‐4), 141-151, 2005
M-Boost: Profiling and refining deep neural networks with topological data analysis
G Naitzat, N Lokare, J Silva, I Kaynar-Kabul
KDD Workshop on Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics, 2018
Shot recommender system for NBA coaches
RE Wright, J Silva, I Kaynar-Kabul
KDD Workshop on Large-Scale Sports Analytics, 2016
An optimal control approach for texture metamorphosis
I Kabul, SM Pizer, J Rosenman, M Niethammer
Computer Graphics Forum 30 (8), 2341-2353, 2011
Analytic system for feature engineering improvement to machine learning models
ND Lokare, JMG da Silva, IK Kabul
US Patent 10,565,528, 2020
Analytic system based on multiple task learning with incomplete data
XJ Hunt, S Emrani, JMG da Silva, IK Kabul
US Patent 10,402,741, 2019
Graph based selection of decorrelated variables
P Hall, IK Kabul, JL Dean, S Haller, J Silva
US Patent 9,489,621, 2016
Determination of composite clusters
P Hall, IK Kabul, JL Dean, R Abbey, S Haller, J Silva
US Patent 9,471,869, 2016
Model-based Solid Texture Synthesis for Anatomic Volume Illustration.
I Kabul, D Merck, JG Rosenman, SM Pizer
VCBM, 133-140, 2010
Cluster computation using random subsets of variables
P Hall, IK Kabul, JL Dean, R Abbey, S Haller, J Silva
US Patent 9,495,414, 2016
Surface reservoir characteristics from subsurface seismic images with deep learning methodologies
K Holdaway, P Hall, J Silva, I Kabul
International Conference and Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain, 3-6 April 2016 …, 2016
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