Baishakhi Mazumder
Baishakhi Mazumder
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Elevated temperature microstructural stability in cast AlCuMnZr alloys through solute segregation
A Shyam, S Roy, D Shin, JD Poplawsky, LF Allard, Y Yamamoto, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 765, 138279, 2019
Phase transformation in MOCVD growth of (AlxGa1− x) 2O3 thin films
AFM Bhuiyan, Z Feng, JM Johnson, HL Huang, J Sarker, M Zhu, ...
APL Materials 8 (3), 2020
Coke formation in a zeolite crystal during the methanol‐to‐hydrocarbons reaction as studied with atom probe tomography
JE Schmidt, JD Poplawsky, B Mazumder, Ö Attila, D Fu, DAM de Winter, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (37), 11173-11177, 2016
Microstructural evolution during quenching and partitioning of 0.2 C-1.5 Mn-1.3 Si steels with Cr or Ni additions
DT Pierce, DR Coughlin, KD Clarke, E De Moor, J Poplawsky, ...
Acta Materialia 151, 454-469, 2018
Electron transport in unipolar InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structures grown by NH3 molecular beam epitaxy
DA Browne, B Mazumder, YR Wu, JS Speck
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (18), 2015
Atom probe analysis of AlN interlayers in AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructures
B Mazumder, SW Kaun, J Lu, S Keller, UK Mishra, JS Speck
Applied Physics Letters 102 (11), 2013
Field evaporation mechanism of bulk oxides under ultra fast laser illumination
A Vella, B Mazumder, G Da Costa, B Deconihout
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (4), 2011
Flexible β‐Ga2O3 Nanomembrane Schottky Barrier Diodes
E Swinnich, MN Hasan, K Zeng, Y Dove, U Singisetti, B Mazumder, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 5 (3), 1800714, 2019
GaN-based high-electron-mobility transistor structures with homogeneous lattice-matched InAlN barriers grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
SW Kaun, E Ahmadi, B Mazumder, F Wu, ECH Kyle, PG Burke, UK Mishra, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 29 (4), 045011, 2014
Bio-milling technique for the size reduction of chemically synthesized BiMnO 3 nanoplates
B Mazumder, I Uddin, S Khan, V Ravi, K Selvraj, P Poddar, A Ahmad
Journal of Materials Chemistry 17 (37), 3910-3914, 2007
Fixed charge and trap states of in situ Al2O3 on Ga-face GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
X Liu, J Kim, R Yeluri, S Lal, H Li, J Lu, S Keller, B Mazumder, JS Speck, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (16), 2013
Evaporation mechanisms of MgO in laser assisted atom probe tomography
B Mazumder, A Vella, B Déconihout
Ultramicroscopy 111 (6), 571-575, 2011
Pure AlN layers in metal-polar AlGaN/AlN/GaN and AlN/GaN heterostructures grown by low-temperature ammonia-based molecular beam epitaxy
SW Kaun, B Mazumder, MN Fireman, ECH Kyle, UK Mishra, JS Speck
Semiconductor Science and Technology 30 (5), 055010, 2015
Atom probe tomography of compound semiconductors for photovoltaic and light-emitting device applications
PP Choi, O Cojocaru-Mirédin, D Abou-Ras, R Caballero, D Raabe, ...
Microscopy today 20 (3), 18-24, 2012
Structural, band and electrical characterization of β-(Al0. 19Ga0. 81) 2O3 films grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Sn doped β-Ga2O3 substrate
A Vaidya, J Sarker, Y Zhang, L Lubecki, J Wallace, JD Poplawsky, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 126 (9), 2019
Resolving the degradation pathways in high-voltage oxides for high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries; Alternation in chemistry, composition and crystal structures
D Mohanty, B Mazumder, A Devaraj, AS Sefat, A Huq, LA David, ...
Nano Energy 36, 76-84, 2017
Asymmetric interfacial abruptness in N-polar and Ga-polar GaN/AlN/GaN heterostructures
B Mazumder, MH Wong, CA Hurni, JY Zhang, UK Mishra, JS Speck
Applied Physics Letters 101 (9), 2012
Isolating clusters of light elements in molecular sieves with atom probe tomography
JE Schmidt, L Peng, AL Paioni, HL Ehren, W Guo, B Mazumder, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (29), 9154-9158, 2018
Medium-range ordering, structural heterogeneity, and their influence on properties of Zr-Cu-Co-Al metallic glasses
S Im, Y Wang, P Zhao, GH Yoo, Z Chen, G Calderon, ...
Physical Review Materials 5 (11), 115604, 2021
A combined approach of atom probe tomography and unsupervised machine learning to understand phase transformation in (AlxGa1− x) 2O3
J Sarker, S Broderick, AFM Bhuiyan, Z Feng, H Zhao, B Mazumder
Applied Physics Letters 116 (15), 2020
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