Gabriela Perna
Gabriela Perna
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Hidden impacts of ocean acidification to live and dead coral framework
SJ Hennige, LC Wicks, NA Kamenos, G Perna, HS Findlay, JM Roberts
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1813), 20150990, 2015
Using Aiptasia as a model to study metabolic interactions in cnidarian-Symbiodinium symbioses
N Rädecker, JB Raina, M Pernice, G Perna, P Guagliardo, MR Kilburn, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 9, 214, 2018
Coralline algae in a naturally acidified ecosystem persist by maintaining control of skeletal mineralogy and size
NA Kamenos, G Perna, MC Gambi, F Micheli, KJ Kroeker
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1840), 20161159, 2016
Standardized short‐term acute heat stress assays resolve historical differences in coral thermotolerance across microhabitat reef sites
CR Voolstra, C Buitrago‐López, G Perna, A Cárdenas, BCC Hume, ...
Global Change Biology 26 (8), 4328-4343, 2020
Coral microbiome manipulation elicits metabolic and genetic restructuring to mitigate heat stress and evade mortality
EP Santoro, RM Borges, JL Espinoza, M Freire, CSMA Messias, ...
Science Advances 7 (33), eabg3088, 2021
Remarkably high and consistent tolerance of a Red Sea coral to acute and chronic thermal stress exposures
NR Evensen, M Fine, G Perna, CR Voolstra, DJ Barshis
Limnology and Oceanography 66 (5), 1718-1729, 2021
Tissue-specific microbiomes of the Red Sea giant clam Tridacna maxima highlight differential abundance of Endozoicomonadaceae
S Rossbach, A Cardenas, G Perna, CM Duarte, CR Voolstra
Frontiers in microbiology, 2661, 2019
Contrasting heat stress response patterns of coral holobionts across the Red Sea suggest distinct mechanisms of thermal tolerance
CR Voolstra, JJ Valenzuela, S Turkarslan, A Cárdenas, BCC Hume, ...
Molecular ecology 30 (18), 4466-4480, 2021
Similar bacterial communities on healthy and injured skin of black tip reef sharks
C Pogoreutz, MA Gore, G Perna, C Millar, R Nestler, RF Ormond, ...
Animal Microbiome 1 (1), 1-16, 2019
Community-level sensitivity of a calcifying ecosystem to acute in situ CO2 enrichment
HL Burdett, G Perna, L McKay, G Broomhead, NA Kamenos
Marine Ecology Progress Series 587, 73-80, 2018
Assessing the effects of iron enrichment across holobiont compartments reveals reduced microbial nitrogen fixation in the Red Sea coral Pocillopora verrucosa
N Rädecker, C Pogoreutz, M Ziegler, A Ashok, MM Barreto, V Chaidez, ...
Ecology and evolution 7 (16), 6614-6621, 2017
Microbes support enhanced nitrogen requirements of coral holobionts in a high CO2 environment
V Meunier, L Geissler, S Bonnet, N Rädecker, G Perna, O Grosso, ...
Molecular Ecology 30 (22), 5888-5899, 2021
A unique free-living geniculate coralline algal bed formation
FTS Tâmega, GHH Perna, P Spotorno-Oliveira, R Riosmena-Rodríguez, ...
Marine Biodiversity 47 (2), 373-374, 2017
Heat stress reduces the contribution of diazotrophs to coral holobiont nitrogen cycling
N Rädecker, C Pogoreutz, HM Gegner, A Cárdenas, G Perna, L Geißler, ...
The ISME journal 16 (4), 1110-1118, 2022
Aiptasia as a model to study metabolic diversity and specificity in cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbioses
N Rädecker, JB Raina, M Pernice, G Perna, P Guagliardo, M Killburn, ...
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2017
The potential for coral reef establishment through free-living stabilization
SJ Hennige, HL Burdett, G Perna, AW Tudhope, NA Kamenos
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
Flexibility in Red Sea Tridacna maxima‐Symbiodiniaceae associations supports environmental niche adaptation
S Rossbach, BCC Hume, A Cárdenas, G Perna, CR Voolstra, CM Duarte
Ecology and evolution 11 (7), 3393-3406, 2021
Corrigendum: Using Aiptasia as a Model to Study Metabolic Interactions in Cnidarian-Symbiodinium Symbioses
N Rädecker, JB Raina, M Pernice, G Perna, P Guagliardo, MR Kilburn, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 9, 449, 2018
Physiological, Biomineralisation and Structural Measurements of the Cold-Water Coral (CWC) Lophelia pertusa in response to increases in CO2 and temperature
SJ Hennige, L Wicks, NA Kamenos, G Perna, HS Findlay, JM Roberts
United Kingdom: British Oceanographic Data Centre. doi 10, 2015
Urbanization comprehensively impairs biological rhythms in coral holobionts
Y Rosenberg, N Simon‐Blecher, M Lalzar, R Yam, A Shemesh, S Alon, ...
Global change biology 28 (10), 3349-3364, 2022
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