Enrico Gobbetti
Enrico Gobbetti
Director of Visual and Data-intensive Computing, CRS4
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BDAM—Batched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes for high performance terrain visualization
P Cignoni, F Ganovelli, E Gobbetti, F Marton, F Ponchio, R Scopigno
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Survey of semi-regular multiresolution models for interactive terrain rendering
R Pajarola, E Gobbetti
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Adaptive tetrapuzzles: efficient out-of-core construction and visualization of gigantic multiresolution polygonal models
P Cignoni, F Ganovelli, E Gobbetti, F Marton, F Ponchio, R Scopigno
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Far voxels: a multiresolution framework for interactive rendering of huge complex 3D models on commodity graphics platforms
E Gobbetti, F Marton
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P Cignoni, F Ganovelli, E Gobbetti, F Marton, F Ponchio, R Scopigno
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A single-pass GPU ray casting framework for interactive out-of-core rendering of massive volumetric datasets
E Gobbetti, F Marton, JA Iglesias Guitián
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Virtual reality: Past, present, and future
E Gobbetti, R Scateni
Virtual Environments in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience: Methods and …, 1999
Automatic room detection and reconstruction in cluttered indoor environments with complex room layouts
C Mura, O Mattausch, AJ Villanueva, E Gobbetti, R Pajarola
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Real-time haptic and visual simulation of bone dissection
M Agus, A Giachetti, E Gobbetti, G Zanetti, A Zorcolo
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C‐BDAM–Compressed Batched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes for Terrain Rendering
E Gobbetti, F Marton, P Cignoni, M Di Benedetto, F Ganovelli
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Layered point clouds: a simple and efficient multiresolution structure for distributing and rendering gigantic point-sampled models
E Gobbetti, F Marton
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Batched multi triangulation
P Cignoni, F Ganovelli, E Gobbetti, F Marton, F Ponchio, R Scopigno
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An efficient multi-resolution framework for high quality interactive rendering of massive point clouds using multi-way kd-trees
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State-of-the-art in Compressed GPU-Based Direct Volume Rendering
M Balsa Rodríguez, E Gobbetti, JA Iglesias Guitián, M Makhinya, F Marton, ...
Computer Graphics Forum 33, 2014
Interactive virtual angioscopy
E Gobbetti, P Pili, A Zorcolo, M Tuveri
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Technical strategies for massive model visualization
E Gobbetti, D Kasik, S Yoon
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Time-critical multiresolution scene rendering
E Gobbetti, E Bouvier
Proceedings of the conference on Visualization'99: celebrating ten years …, 1999
Mastoidectomy simulation with combined visual and haptic feedback
M Agus, A Giachetti, E Gobbetti, G Zanetti, A Zorcolo
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2002, 2002
Physically-based interactive camera motion control using 3d input devices
R Turner, F Balaguer, E Gobbetti, D Thalmann
Computer Graphics International 91, 135-145, 1991
A Survey of Geometric Analysis in Cultural Heritage
R Pintus, K Pal, Y Yang, T Weyrich, E Gobbetti, H Rushmeier
Computer Graphics Forum, 2015
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