David Poirier-Quinot
David Poirier-Quinot
Associate Researcher, Sorbonne University, Paris
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EVERTims: Open source framework for real-time auralization in VR
D Poirier-Quinot, M Noisternig, BFG Katz
Proceedings of the 12th International Audio Mostly Conference on Augmented …, 2017
Virtual reality performance auralization in a calibrated model of Notre-Dame Cathedral
BNJ Postma, D Poirier-Quinot, J Meyer, BFG Katz
EuroRegio2016, Porto, Portugal, 2016
BlenderVR: Open-source framework for interactive and immersive VR
BFG Katz, DQ Felinto, D Touraine, D Poirier-Quinot, P Bourdot
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JSAmbisonics: A Web Audio library for interactive spatial sound processing on the web
A Politis, D Poirier-Quinot
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Augmented auralization: Complimenting auralizations with immersive virtual reality technologies
D Poirier-Quinot, BN Postma, BFG Katz
International Symposium on Music and Room Acoustics (ISMRA) 14, 1-10, 2016
The Anaglyph binaural audio engine
D Poirier-Quinot, BFG Katz
Audio Engineering Society Convention 144, 2018
Impact of HRTF individualization on player per- formance in a VR shooter game I
D Poirier-Quinot, B Katz
AES Conference on Spatial Reproduction, 2018
An open-source audio renderer for 3D audio with hearing loss and hearing aid simulations
M Cuevas-Rodriguez, D Gonzalez-Toledo, E Rubia-Cuestas, C Garre, ...
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Perceptual comparison of ambisonics-based reverberation methods in binaural listening
I Engel, C Henry, SVA Garí, PW Robinson, D Poirier-Quinot, L Picinali
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Assessing the impact of head-related transfer function individualization on task performance: Case of a virtual reality shooter game
D Poirier-Quinot, BFG Katz
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Blendercave: A Multimodal Scene Graph Editor For Virtual Reality
D Poirier-Quinot, D Touraine, BFG Katz
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Comparative perceptual evaluation between different methods for implementing reverberation in a binaural context
L Picinali, A Wallin, Y Levtov, D Poirier-Quinot
Audio Engineering Society Convention 142, 2017
The 3D Tune-In Toolkit–3D audio spatialiser, hearing loss and hearing aid simulations
M Cuevas-Rodríguez, D González-Toledo, E De La Rubia-Cuestas, ...
2018 IEEE 4th VR workshop on sonic interactions for virtual environments …, 2018
Impact of the visual rendering system on subjective auralization assessment in VR
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International Conference on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, 105-118, 2017
Nü soundworks: Using spectators smartphones as a distributed network of speakers and sensors during live performances
D Poirier-Quinot, B Matuszewski, N Schnell, O Warusfel
On the improvement of accommodation to non-individual HRTFs via VR active learning and inclusion of a 3D room response
D Poirier-Quinot, BFG Katz
Acta Acustica 5, 25, 2021
Virtual reconstructions of the Théâtre de l'Athénée for archeoacoustic study
B Katz, N Barteld, D Poirier-Quinot
Intl Cong on Acoustics (ICA), 2019
Objective and perceptive evaluations of high-resolution room acoustic simulations and auralizations
BF Katz, B Postma, D Thery, D Poirier-Quinot, P Luizard
Euronoise, 2107-2114, 2018
Experience with a virtual reality auralization of Notre-Dame Cathedral
BF Katz, BN Postma, D Poirier-Quinot, J Meyer
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141 (5), 3454-3454, 2017
Comparative study on the effect of parameter mapping sonification on perceived instabilities, efficiency, and accuracy in real-time interactive exploration of noisy data streams
D Poirier-Quinot, G Parseihian, BFG Katz
Displays 47, 2-11, 2017
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