Ludovico Silvestri
Ludovico Silvestri
European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy
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A versatile clearing agent for multi-modal brain imaging
I Costantini, JP Ghobril, AP Di Giovanna, ALA Mascaro, L Silvestri, ...
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Confocal light sheet microscopy: micron-scale neuroanatomy of the entire mouse brain
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Clearing of fixed tissue: a review from a microscopist’s perspective
L Silvestri, I Costantini, L Sacconi, FS Pavone
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Event-driven power-law relaxation in weak turbulence
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In-vivo and ex-vivo optical clearing methods for biological tissues
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Whole-brain vasculature reconstruction at the single capillary level
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Experimental quenching of harmonic stimuli: universality of linear response theory
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Correlative two-photon and light sheet microscopy
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Quantitative neuroanatomy of all Purkinje cells with light sheet microscopy and high-throughput image analysis
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Frontiers in neuroanatomy 9, 68, 2015
Quantitative assessment of passive electrical properties of the cardiac T-tubular system by FRAP microscopy
M Scardigli, C Crocini, C Ferrantini, T Gabbrielli, L Silvestri, R Coppini, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (22), 5737-5742, 2017
Multiphoton Microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging: Applications in Biology and Medicine
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Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG, 2018
Advanced optical techniques to explore brain structure and function
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Data integration through brain atlasing: Human Brain Project tools and strategies
IE Bjerke, M Øvsthus, EA Papp, SC Yates, L Silvestri, J Fiorilli, ...
European psychiatry 50, 70-76, 2018
Bessel beam illumination reduces random and systematic errors in quantitative functional studies using light-sheet microscopy
MC Müllenbroich, L Turrini, L Silvestri, T Alterini, A Gheisari, N Tiso, ...
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 12, 315, 2018
Advanced fluorescence microscopy for in vivo imaging of neuronal activity
G Sancataldo, L Silvestri, ALA Mascaro, L Sacconi, FS Pavone
Optica 6 (6), 758-765, 2019
Comprehensive optical and data management infrastructure for high-throughput light-sheet microscopy of whole mouse brains
MC Müllenbroich, L Silvestri, L Onofri, I Costantini, M van’t Hoff, L Sacconi, ...
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Towards a comprehensive understanding of brain machinery by correlative microscopy
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Correcting spherical aberrations in confocal light sheet microscopy: a theoretical study
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Microscopy research and technique 77 (7), 483-491, 2014
The connectomics challenge
L Silvestri, L Sacconi, FS Pavone
Functional neurology 28 (3), 167, 2013
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