Timo Törmäkangas
Timo Törmäkangas
Senior researcher, University of Jyväskylä
Vahvistettu sähköpostiosoite verkkotunnuksessa
Force platform balance measures as predictors of indoor and outdoor falls in community-dwelling women aged 63–76 years
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National survey on the English language in Finland: Uses, meanings and attitudes
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Satisfaction with present life predicts survival in octogenarians
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Kansallinen kyselytutkimus englannin kielestä Suomessa: Käyttö, merkitys ja asenteet
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Muscle and bone mass in middle‐aged women: role of menopausal status and physical activity
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Long-term effect of physical activity counseling on mobility limitation among older people: a randomized controlled study
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Adipose tissue dysfunction and altered systemic amino acid metabolism are associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
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Developing an assessment method of active aging: University of Jyvaskyla active aging scale
T Rantanen, E Portegijs, K Kokko, M Rantakokko, T Törmäkangas, ...
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Barriers to outdoor physical activity and unmet physical activity need in older adults
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Serum osteocalcin is not associated with glucose but is inversely associated with leptin across generations of nondiabetic women
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Physical activity after a hip fracture: effect of a multicomponent home-based rehabilitation program—a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
K Turunen, A Salpakoski, J Edgren, T Törmäkangas, M Arkela, M Kallinen, ...
Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 98 (5), 981-988, 2017
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