Sam Aerts
Sam Aerts
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A novel method to assess human population exposure induced by a wireless cellular network
N Varsier, D Plets, Y Corre, G Vermeeren, W Joseph, S Aerts, L Martens, ...
Bioelectromagnetics 36 (6), 451-463, 2015
Exposure assessment of mobile phone base station radiation in an outdoor environment using sequential surrogate modeling
S Aerts, D Deschrijver, W Joseph, L Verloock, F Goeminne, L Martens, ...
Bioelectromagnetics 34 (4), 300-311, 2013
Assessment of outdoor radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure through hotspot localization using kriging-based sequential sampling
S Aerts, D Deschrijver, L Verloock, T Dhaene, L Martens, W Joseph
Environmental research 126, 184-191, 2013
Assessment and comparison of total RF-EMF exposure in femtocell and macrocell base station scenarios
S Aerts, D Plets, L Verloock, L Martens, W Joseph
Radiation protection dosimetry 162 (3), 236-243, 2014
Impact of a small cell on the RF-EMF exposure in a train
S Aerts, D Plets, A Thielens, L Martens, W Joseph
International journal of environmental research and public health 12 (3 …, 2015
In-situ measurement methodology for the assessment of 5G NR massive MIMO base station exposure at sub-6 GHz frequencies
S Aerts, L Verloock, M Van den Bossche, D Colombi, L Martens, ...
IEEE Access 7, 184658-184667, 2019
Assessment of long-term spatio-temporal radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure
S Aerts, J Wiart, L Martens, W Joseph
Environmental research 161, 136-143, 2018
Joint minimization of uplink and downlink whole-body exposure dose in indoor wireless networks
D Plets, W Joseph, K Vanhecke, G Vermeeren, J Wiart, S Aerts, N Varsier, ...
BioMed research international 2015, 2015
Measurements of intermediate-frequency electric and magnetic fields in households
S Aerts, C Calderon, B Valič, M Maslanyj, D Addison, T Mee, C Goiceanu, ...
Environmental research 154, 160-170, 2017
On-body calibration and measurements using a personal, distributed exposimeter for wireless fidelity
A Thielens, S Agneessens, H De Clercq, J Lecoutere, L Verloock, ...
Health physics 108 (4), 407-418, 2015
Drone based measurement system for radiofrequency exposure assessment
W Joseph, S Aerts, M Vandenbossche, A Thielens, L Martens
Bioelectromagnetics 37 (3), 195-199, 2016
Prediction and comparison of downlink electric-field and uplink localised SAR values for realistic indoor wireless planning
D Plets, W Joseph, S Aerts, K Vanhecke, G Vermeeren, L Martens
Radiation Protection Dosimetry 162 (4), 487-498, 2014
RF-EMF exposure induced by mobile phones operating in LTE small cells in two different urban cities
T Mazloum, S Aerts, W Joseph, J Wiart
Annals of Telecommunications 74 (1), 35-42, 2019
Exposure index of EU project LEXNET: principles and simulation-based computation
E Conil, Y Corre, N Varsier, A Hadjem, G Vermeeren, W Joseph, S Aerts, ...
8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP 2014), 3029-3032, 2014
Assessment of contribution of other users to own total whole‐body RF absorption in train environment
D Plets, W Joseph, S Aerts, G Vermeeren, N Varsier, J Wiart, L Martens
Bioelectromagnetics 36 (8), 597-602, 2015
Prediction of RF-EMF exposure levels in large outdoor areas through car-mounted measurements on the enveloping roads
S Aerts, W Joseph, M Maslanyj, D Addison, T Mee, L Colussi, J Kamer, ...
Environment international 94, 482-488, 2016
Optimal dosimeter deployment into a smart city IoT platform for wideband EMF exposure assessment
L Diez, LR de Lope, R Agüero, Y Corre, J Stéphan, MB Siradel, S Aerts, ...
2015 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), 528-532, 2015
Empirical path-loss model in train car
S Aerts, D Plets, L Verloock, E Tanghe, W Joseph, L Martens
2013 7th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 3777-3780, 2013
D2. 1 Current metrics for EMF exposure evaluation
G Vermeeren, A Thielens, S Aerts, W Joseph, L Martens, C Oliveira, ...
LEXNET project, April, 2013
Assessment and comparison of RF EMF exposure in femtocell and macrocell scenarios
S Aerts, D Plets, L Verloock, W Joseph, L Martens
Bioelectromagnetics, 2013
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